LBC Career and Professional Development

  • Consider your career and future as a professional in reference to what you have achieved already, what you are doing currently, and what your interests and goals are.
  • Explore various career and professional opportunities through structured channels.
  • Learn to carry out self-directed or independent learning or research projects.
  • Collaborate with or be mentored by a professional.

The activities that fall into this category and the point values of each are indicated in the following table:

Career and Professional Development, 4 point minimum
Activity 1 point 2 points 3 or more points
Capstone Experience (Includes student teaching and entrepreneurial certificate) 5 points**
Career exploration experience (3 point total limit) First-year seminar; learning community LEAD Essential Career Skills Certificate
CoS YouTube video Create; 2 points per video, 2 video limit in all categories (4 point maximum)
Departmental research seminar Attend Prepare and participate in group presentation Prepare and present individually
Entrepreneurial Activity 5 points**
EPICS 1 point per two hours

Summer/full-time, 10 points

Job shadow 1 day For one week or less For more than one week; 4 points
Science Ambassador For one year
Science-based organization Participate Assist in organization Lead
Science-related job 1 hour/week per semester 2 hours/week per semester 3 or more hours/week per semester
Science-related publication Author published article, 10 points, co-author published article, 5 points
Scientific meeting/poster session Attend Present poster Present paper, 5 points
Undergraduate research 5 points/semester for 9 or more hours per week*; 4 points/semester for 6-8 hours per week, 3 points/semester for 3-5 hours per week

*Two consecutive semesters of undergraduate research for 9 or more hours per week constitutes an intensive activity.

**Completion of the entrepreneurship certificate can be counted as an intensive activity if and only if in addition to fulfillment of the entrepreneurship certificate requirements, a serious effort has been invested by the student in preparing and submitting a business plan to outside sources for funding or approval.

If there is an activity in which you would like to participate that you feel meets the requirements of the LBC Certificate program but is not listed on the table, contact the administrator and ask to have it considered. The College of Science Office of Undergraduate Education reserves the right to determine whether or not an activity and/or a report earns points and how many.