Learning beyond the classroom courses
Department Course # Course Name
AGR AGR49000 International Development Strategies
BIOL BIOL11500 Biology Resource Seminar
BIOL BIOL19700 Biology Freshman Honors Seminar
BIOL BIOL29300 Planning Your Future in Biology
BIOL BIOL29400 Biology Research
BIOL BIOL29500 Teaching Biology
BIOL BIOL39300 Preparing for Your Future in Biology
BIOL BIOL49400 Biology Research
BIOL BIOL49700 Biology Honors Seminar
BIOL BIOL49800 Teach Fundamentals Biology
BIOL BIOL49900 Biology Honors Thesis Research
CHM CHM19400 Freshman Chemistry Orientation
CHM CHM19700 Chemistry Freshman Honors Research
CHM CHM29400 Sophomore Chemistry Seminar
CHM CHM49400 Junior-Senior Chemistry Seminar
CHM CHM49900 Special Assignments (individual study)
CS CS19100 Freshman Resources Seminar
CS CS19700 Freshman Honors Seminar
CS CS29000 Topics in CS (individual study)
CS CS29100 Sophomore Development Seminar
CS CS39000 Service Learn Outreach
CS CS39100 Junior Resources Seminar
CS CS49000 Topics in CS (individual study)
CS CS49000-PTE Part-time Prof Experience CS
CS CS49700 Honors Research Project
EAPS EAPS10900 The Dynamic Earth
EAPS EAPS11800 Introduction to Earth Sciences
EAPS EAPS13700 Fr Seminar in Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
EAPS EAPS19100 Service Learning in Outreach
EAPS EAPS35200 Structural Geology
EAPS EAPS35300 Earth Surface Processes
EAPS EAPS39000 Geologic Field Methods
EAPS EAPS39100 Meteorology Intern
EAPS EAPS39100 Team Weather Forecasting
EAPS EAPS41900 Internship in Environmental Geosciences
EAPS EAPS43400 Weather Analysis & Forecasting
EAPS EAPS49400 EAS Undergraduate Seminar
EAPS EAPS49700 EAS Undergrad Research
EAPS EAPS55600 Planetary Geology
EAPS EAPS59000 Field Geology North America
ECE ECE37900 Participation in Vertically Integrated Projects (VIP)
ECE ECE47900 Participation in Vertically Integrated Projects (VIP)
EDCI EDCI20500 Exploring Teaching As A Career.
EDCI EDCI49000 Science Teaching Service Learning
EDCI EDCI49800 Supervised Teaching*
ENTM ENTM49800 Forensic Teaching Assistant
ENTM ENTM49800 Special Problems (individual study)
ENTR ENTR48000 Entrepreneurship Capstone*
EPCS EPCS10100 First Year Participation in EPICS (1 credit)
EPCS EPCS10200 First Year Participation in EPICS (2 credits)
EPCS EPCS20100 Sophomore Participation in EPICS (1 credit)
EPCS EPCS20200 Sophomore Participation in EPICS (2 credits)
GS GS19501 Preparing for your Undergraduate Research Experience
GS GS29501 Understanding your Undergraduate Research Experience
GS GS39501 Understanding your Undergraduate Research Experience II
GS GS49000 Purdue Promise Facilitation Course
GS GS49000 Discovery Park Undergraduate Research
MATH MA10800 Mathematics as a Profession and a Discipline
MATH MA17000 Introduction to Actuarial Science
MATH MA48400 Seminar on Teaching College Algebra and Trigonometry
MATH MA49000 Topics for Mathematics for Undergraduates
MCMP MCMP49000 Special Topics (teach assistant MCMP 204/205 lab)
MCMP MCMP49000 Special Topics (individual study)
PHYS PHYS10400 First Year Physics Seminar
PHYS PHYS21700 Introduction to Current Physics and Forefront Research
PHYS PHYS23500 Seminar in Careers in Physics
PHYS PHYS32300/39000 Research with Big Data I
PHYS PHYS32400 Research with Big Data II
PHYS PHYS49000 Special Assignments (individual study)
PHYS PHYS59000 Reading and Research (individual study)
PHYS PHYS59300 Independent Research
PSY PSY39000 Research Experience in Psychology
SCI SCI10000 Multicultural Leadership Seminar
SCI SCI19500 Global Science Leadership Seminar
SCI SCI19500 Women in Science Program (for credit only)
SCI SCI39500 Global Science Experience
SCI SCI49000 Dean's Leadership Forum
STAT STAT17000 Introduction to Actuarial Science
STAT STAT19000 First Year Statistics Seminar
STAT STAT29000 Rising Above the Storm
STAT STAT47201 Actuarial Models---Life Contingencies
STAT STAT47900 Loss Models
STAT STAT49000 Topics in Statistics for Undergraduates (individual study)
TDM TDM11100, 11200, 21100, 21200, 31100, 31200, 41100, 41200, 51100, 51200 The Data Mine Seminar, Corporate Partners
VIP VIP17911, 17920, 27920, 37920, 47920, 47921, 47922 Vertically Integrated Projects

*Students who are enrolling in EDCI49800 or ENTR48000 during their final semester and wish to receive points toward LBC should alert LBC of their plans at the beginning of the semester.

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