Comprehensive Culture/Diversity Course List

This is a comprehensive list of all Culture/Diversity courses approved by the College of Science.

If you feel there is a course not included on this list that meets the outcome of the Culture/Diversity requirement of developing at least one other culture in addition to you own, please submit a course description and syllabus for review. Submit

NOTE:  Any course on this list satisfies the Culture Diversity requirement

If you would like to view the course description, please access the MyPurdue Course Catalog





AAS - African American Studies27100Introduction To Afro-American StudiesHumanities (H)Spring 2020,Fall 2019,Summer 2019
AAS - African American Studies27700African American Popular CultureFall 2019
AAS - African American Studies35900Black Women Writers
AAS - African American Studies37000Black Women Rising
AAS - African American Studies37100The Black AthleteSummer 2019
AAS - African American Studies37100Black Leisure & RecrtionFall 2019
AAS - African American Studies37100African American Health
AAS - African American Studies37100African American Music
AAS - African American Studies37100Anthropology and Blackness
AAS - African American Studies37100Black Women in Politics
AAS - African American Studies37100Blackness & Culture
AAS - African American Studies37100Issues in Contemporary Africa
AAS - African American Studies37100Racism and Prejudice in America
AAS - African American Studies37300Phil, Cult, African AmericanFall 2019
AAS - African American Studies37300The Black CommunityFall 2019
AAS - African American Studies37300History of Injustice in the USSpring 2020
AAS - African American Studies37300Afr Diaspora Caribbn&LtnAmer
AAS - African American Studies37300African American Women and Activism
AAS - African American Studies37300Black Male Youth Culture in the Wire
AAS - African American Studies37300Black Speculative Fiction
AAS - African American Studies37300Blackness and Culture
AAS - African American Studies37300Issues in African American Studies
AAS - African American Studies37300Lit of the African Diaspora
AAS - African American Studies37300Race & Religion in the U.S.
AAS - African American Studies37300Race, Religion & Popular Culture in America
AAS - African American Studies37300The Harlem Renaissance
AAS - African American Studies37300Toni Morrison
AAS - African American Studies37500The Black FamilySpring 2020
AAS - African American Studies37600The Black Male
AAS - African American Studies37700African American Sexuality and Society
AAS - African American Studies39200Caribbean History And CultureFall 2019
AAS - African American Studies47300Blacks In Hollywood FilmSpring 2020
AAS - African American Studies49100Africa in 20th Century
AAS - African American Studies49100Afro Borinquen Cult&Identity
AAS - African American Studies49100Black Satire and Humor
AAS - African American Studies49100Carnival: Re-member Diasp Trad
AAS - African American Studies49100Contemporary Issues in Black Education
AAS - African American Studies49100Identity in the Midst of Differences
AAS - African American Studies49100The Classics and Black Literature
AAS - African American Studies49100W.E.B. DuBois
AAS - African American Studies57500Theories of African American Studies
AD - Art and Design31100Greek Art
AD - Art and Design31200Roman ArtSpring 2020
AD - Art and Design32700Theories of Art from the Renaissance to the Digital World
AD - Art and Design3390020th Century Women ArtistsFall 2019
AD - Art and Design34300Northern Renaissance ArtFall 2019
AD - Art and Design34400Latin American Art in the 20th CenturySpring 2020
AD - Art and Design34600Italian Renaissance ArtSpring 2020
AD - Art and Design34800Islamic ArtFall 2019
AD - Art and Design35900Medieval European Art
AD - Art and Design38000Baroque Art
AD - Art and Design38200Global Art, 18-19th Centuries
AD - Art and Design39100History of Chinese Art
AD - Art and Design45200Northern Renaissance Art
AGEC - Agricultural Economics25000Economic Geography of World Food & ResourcesBehavioral/Social Science (BSS)Spring 2020,Fall 2019
AGEC - Agricultural Economics34000International Economic DevelopmentFall 2019
AGR - Agriculture 20100Communicating Across CultureBehavioral/Social Science (BSS),Information Literacy (IL)Spring 2020,Fall 2019,Summer 2019
AGRY - Agronomy28500World Crop Adaptation and DistributionScience Technology and Society (STS)
AGRY - Agronomy35000Global AwarenessSpring 2020
AMST - American Studies20100African American Pop CultureHumanities (H)
AMST - American Studies20100Asian American Pop CultureHumanities (H)
AMST - American Studies20100Intro Asian American StudiesHumanities (H)
AMST - American Studies20100Intro to American Studies: Arab-American LiteratureHumanities (H)
AMST - American Studies21000Sports in American CultureBehavioral/Social Science (BSS)
AMST - American Studies30100American BeautyFall 2019
AMST - American Studies30100The 1960's Rock to RevolutionFall 2019
AMST - American Studies30100Contemporary Isses in Asian American StudiesSpring 2020
AMST - American Studies30100Sports & Popular FeminismsSpring 2020
AMST - American Studies30100American Representations of the Middle East and North Africa
AMST - American Studies30100Beat Generation and American Culture
AMST - American Studies30100Civil War Memory
AMST - American Studies30100Cultures of Beauty
AMST - American Studies30100Diversity in American University
AMST - American Studies30100Electr Music & Pop Cult
AMST - American Studies30100Gender & Revolution in Modern America
AMST - American Studies30100Gender, Media & Pop Culture
AMST - American Studies30100Gender, Science & Technology
AMST - American Studies30100Living History
AMST - American Studies30100New Media
AMST - American Studies30100New Media Culture
AMST - American Studies30100Race, Religion, and Poplular Culture in America
AMST - American Studies30100Sex, Race, and Science
AMST - American Studies30100The Color Line
AMST - American Studies30100The Other Great Depression - Honors
AMST - American Studies30100Women and Health in America
AMST - American Studies30100Zora Neale Hurston
AMST - American Studies31000Invention, Innovation and DesignHumanities (H),Science Technology and Society (STS)Fall 2019
ANTH - Anthropology20100Introduction To Archaeology And World PrehistoryBehavioral/Social Science (BSS)Spring 2020,Fall 2019
ANTH - Anthropology20500Human Cultural DiversityBehavioral/Social Science (BSS)Spring 2020,Fall 2019,Summer 2019
ANTH - Anthropology21000Technology & CultureScience Technology and Society (STS)Spring 2020,Fall 2019,Summer 2019
ANTH - Anthropology23000Gender Across CulturesBehavioral/Social Science (BSS)Spring 2020,Fall 2019
ANTH - Anthropology25400Arch Hoaxes, Myths and FraudsFall 2019
ANTH - Anthropology28200Introduction to LGBT Studies
ANTH - Anthropology30700Anthropological TheoryFall 2019
ANTH - Anthropology31000Mortuary Practices Across CulturesFall 2019
ANTH - Anthropology31100The Archaeology Of The Ancient AndesSummer 2019
ANTH - Anthropology31200Archaeology of EgyptSpring 2020
ANTH - Anthropology31300Archaeology of North AmericaFall 2019
ANTH - Anthropology32000Ancient States & Empires
ANTH - Anthropology32600Sustainability Studies
ANTH - Anthropology34000Global Perspectives on HealthSpring 2020,Fall 2019,Summer 2019
ANTH - Anthropology35800African Cultures
ANTH - Anthropology37300Anthropology of ReligionFall 2019
ANTH - Anthropology37800Archaeology and Cultural Anthropology of Mesoamerica (Mexico, Belize and Guatemala)
ANTH - Anthropology37900Native American CulturesBehavioral/Social Science (BSS)Spring 2020,Fall 2019
ANTH - Anthropology38400Designing for PeopleSpring 2020,Fall 2019
ANTH - Anthropology39200Anthropology and Blackness
ANTH - Anthropology39200Archaeology of Religion and Ritual
ANTH - Anthropology39200Blackness and Culture
ANTH - Anthropology39200Emcees&Jihadis Race & Pop Cult
ANTH - Anthropology39200Race & Religion in the U.S.
ANTH - Anthropology39200Race, Religion and Popular Culture in America
ANTH - Anthropology39200The African Amer Experience
ARAB - Arabic23000Arabic Literature In Translation
ARAB - Arabic23900Arab Women Writers
ARAB - Arabic28000Arabic CultureHumanities (H)Fall 2019
ARAB - Arabic28100Intro to Islamic Civilization and CultureSpring 2020
ARAB - Arabic33400Maghrebi Literature And Culture
ASAM - Asian American Studies24000Introduction To Asian American StudiesHumanities (H)Spring 2020,Fall 2019
ASAM - Asian American Studies34000Contemporary Issues In Asian American StudiesSpring 2020
ASAM - Asian American Studies34000Social Issues in Immigration
ASL - American Sign Language28000American Deaf Community: Language, Culture, And SocietySpring 2020
CHNS - Chinese24100Introduction To The Study Of Chinese LiteratureHumanities (H)
CHNS - Chinese28000Topics in Chinese Civilization and CultureHumanities (H)Spring 2020
CHNS - Chinese28100Intro to Chinese Food CultureSpring 2020,Fall 2019
CHNS - Chinese34100Chinese Literature I: TraditionalSpring 2020
CHNS - Chinese34200Chinese Literature II: Modern Chinese LiteratureFall 2019
CHNS - Chinese49000Food Culture Drinks and Snacks
CHNS - Chinese49000Intro to Chinese Food Culture
CHNS - Chinese49000Introduction to Chinese Films
CHNS - Chinese59400Dream Of Red ChamberFall 2019
CHNS - Chinese59400Modern Chinese TheatreSpring 2020
CHNS - Chinese59400Chinese Classical Tales
CHNS - Chinese59400Chinese Lit and Culture
CHNS - Chinese59400Chinese Poetry & Painting
CHNS - Chinese59400Poetry of Li Bai and Du Fu
CHNS - Chinese59400Tang Dynasty Poetry
CLCS - Classics18100Classical World CivilizationsBehavioral/Social Science (BSS)Fall 2019
CLCS - Classics23010Survey Of Greek Literature In TranslationHumanities (H)
CLCS - Classics23100Survey of Latin LiteratureHumanities (H),Written Communication (WC)
CLCS - Classics23300Comparative MythologyHumanities (H)Spring 2020
CLCS - Classics23500Classical MythologyHumanities (H)Fall 2019,Summer 2019
CLCS - Classics23700Gender And Sexuality In Greek And Roman AntiquityHumanities (H),Written Communication (WC)Spring 2020
CLCS - Classics23800The Tragic VisionHumanities (H)Fall 2019
CLCS - Classics23900The Comic VisionHumanities (H)
CLCS - Classics28000Ancient Near Eastern History & Culture
CLCS - Classics28000Culture And Society In The Age Of Pericles
CLCS - Classics28000Ancient Greece
CLCS - Classics28000Studies in Greek Warfare
CLCS - Classics33700The Ancient Epic
CLCS - Classics33900Literature and the LawHumanities (H),Written Communication (WC)
CLCS - Classics38000Alexander The Great and Hellenistic WorldHumanities (H)
CLCS - Classics38100Julius Caesar: Statesman, Soldier, Citizen
CLCS - Classics38300The Roman EmpireSpring 2020
CLCS - Classics38400Ancient Western Medicine
CLCS - Classics38500Science, Medicine, & Magic in the Ancient West
CLCS - Classics38600Ancient Greek ReligionSpring 2020
CLCS - Classics38700Roman Religion
CLCS - Classics48000Potters and Society in Antiquity
CLCS - Classics48100Culture And Society In The Age Of Pericles
CLCS - Classics48300Republican RomeFall 2019
CLCS - Classics59300The Classics and Black Literature
CMPL - Comparative Literature23000Arabic CultureFall 2019
CMPL - Comparative Literature23000Soviet Literature and BeyondFall 2019
CMPL - Comparative Literature23000Arab-American Literature
CMPL - Comparative Literature23000Nature in German Literature
CMPL - Comparative Literature23000Women Writers in Translation
COM - Communication22400Communicating In The Global WorkplaceBehavioral/Social Science (BSS)Spring 2020,Fall 2019,Summer 2019
COM - Communication30300Intercultural CommunicationSpring 2020,Fall 2019,Summer 2019
COM - Communication31200Rhetoric In The Western WorldFall 2019
COM - Communication37600Communication and GenderSpring 2020,Summer 2019
COM - Communication38100Gender and Feminist Studies in Communication
CSR - Consumer Science and Retailing33200Cross-Cultural MarketingSpring 2020,Fall 2019
EDCI - Educ Curric and Instruction28500Multiculturalism and EducationBehavioral/Social Science (BSS)Spring 2020,Fall 2019,Summer 2019
EDPS - Education Educational and Psych Studies20000Life and Career Planning
EDPS - Education Educational and Psych Studies30000Leadership DevelopmentSpring 2020,Fall 2019
EDPS - Education Educational and Psych Studies30100Peer Counseling TrainingSpring 2020,Fall 2019
EDPS - Education Educational and Psych Studies49000Global Leadership in Greece
EDPS - Education Educational and Psych Studies49000Global Leadership in Spain
ENGL - English22500Literature, Inequality, InjusticeHumanities (H)Summer 2019
ENGL - English22800Language & Social IdentityBehavioral/Social Science (BSS)
ENGL - English23000Great Narrative WorksHumanities (H)Spring 2020,Fall 2019
ENGL - English23200Russian Fairy TalesSummer 2019
ENGL - English23200Arabic CultureFall 2019
ENGL - English23200Intro to Islamic Civ & CulSpring 2020
ENGL - English23200Arab Women Writers
ENGL - English23200Arab-American Literature
ENGL - English23200Contemporary Foreign Women Writers
ENGL - English23200German Folk & Fairy Tales
ENGL - English23200Italian Women Writers in Translation
ENGL - English23200Nature in German Literature
ENGL - English23200Span Am Lit in Trans
ENGL - English23200Women Writers in Translation
ENGL - English24000Survey Of The British Literature: From The Beginnings Through The Neoclassical PeriodHumanities (H)Spring 2020
ENGL - English24100Survey Of The British Literature: From The Rise Of Romanticism To The Modern PeriodHumanities (H)Fall 2019
ENGL - English24900Great British BooksFall 2019
ENGL - English25700Literature Of Black AmericaSpring 2020
ENGL - English25800Nobel Prize Winners In Literature
ENGL - English26200Greek And Roman Classics In Translation
ENGL - English26400The Bible As LiteratureHumanities (H)Spring 2020,Fall 2019
ENGL - English26600World Literature: From The Beginnings To 1700 A.D.
ENGL - English26700World Literature: From 1700 A.D. To The PresentHumanities (H)Spring 2020,Fall 2019
ENGL - English33000Games and DiversitySummer 2019
ENGL - English33100Medieval English Literature
ENGL - English33300Renaissance English Literture
ENGL - English33500Restoration And Eighteenth-Century English Literature
ENGL - English3370019th Century English Literature
ENGL - English33900Twentieth-Century British Literature
ENGL - English35200Native American LiteratureFall 2019
ENGL - English35400Asian American LiteratureSpring 2020
ENGL - English35800Black DramaSpring 2020
ENGL - English35900Black Women Writers
ENGL - English36000Gender And LiteratureHumanities (H)Fall 2019
ENGL - English36500Literature & ImperialismHumanities (H)Spring 2020
ENGL - English36600Postcolonial LiteraturesFall 2019
ENGL - English38100The British NovelHumanities (H)Spring 2020
ENGL - English39300Sustainability StudiesSpring 2020
ENGL - English39600Teaching for Social JusticeSpring 2020
ENGL - English39600Latina/o Of The U S
ENGL - English39600Maghrebi Literature & Culture
ENGL - English39600Spirit of Italian Comedy
ENGL - English39600Theories of Global Studies
ENGL - English41200Black Satire and Humor
ENGL - English41200Black Speculative Fiction
ENGL - English41400Literature and Disability: Deaf & Blind Culture
ENGL - English41400The Black Male Image
ENGL - English41400War, Terrorism, Globalization, And The Role Of Literature
ENGL - English41400Witchcraft and Wonder in Early American Literature
ENGL - English43900Bodies & Cultures
ENGL - English43900Disability in Fiction & Memoir
ENGL - English46000Modernist Women Writers
ENGL - English46000Studies in Women's Literature
ENGL - English46200The Bible as Literature: The Old Testament
ENGL - English46300The Bible as Literature: The New Testament
ENGL - English52800Medieval English Literature
ENGL - English53200English Novel In the 19th Century
ENGL - English53800English Drama from the Restoration to the Modern Period
ENGL - English54700British Romanticism
ENGL - English54800Victorian LiteratureSpring 2020
ENGL - English5570019th Century African American Narrative
ENGL - English57900Modern British Fiction
ENGL - English58300Contemporary African American Fiction
ENGL - English59600ModEuroRhetorc,Poetcs,Narrativ
ENTR - Entrepreneurship47000Women and LeadershipSpring 2020
FNR - Forestry and Natural Resources48800Global Environmental Issues
FR - French24100Introduction To The Study Of French LiteratureSpring 2020,Fall 2019
FR - French33000French CinemaHumanities (H)Fall 2019
FR - French34100French Literature I: From The Middle Ages To The Enlightenment
FR - French34200French Literature II
FR - French38000Special Topics In French Culture And Civilization: La Gastronomie
FR - French39400Out of Africa
FR - French39400Special Topics In French Literature
FR - French44300Francophone Literature
FR - French48000French CivilizationFall 2019
FR - French54100Renaissance French Literature
FR - French54900French Literature and Film
FR - French58100French CultureSpring 2020
FR - French59400Introduction to Francophone Literature
FR - French59400Litterature Quebecoise
FVS - Film and Video Studies49100Jewish CinemaFall 2019
FVS - Film and Video Studies49100Mafia And The MoviesFall 2019
GER - German23000German Folk & Fairy TalesHumanities (H)
GER - German23000Myths & Legends: Elves to ElvisHumanities (H)
GER - German23000Nature and the Environment in German Literature and ThoughtHumanities (H)
GER - German23000Supernatural & Uncanny Ger LitHumanities (H)
GER - German23000German Fairy Tales
GER - German24100Introduction To The Study Of German LiteratureSpring 2020,Fall 2019
GER - German28000Beer and Brewing in German CultureSummer 2019
GER - German33000German CinemaHumanities (H)Spring 2020
GER - German34100German Literature IFall 2019
GER - German34200German Literature II: From The 18th Century To The 21st Century
GER - German48000German CivilizationSpring 2020
GER - German54400German Romanticism
GER - German54500German Prose from Naturalism to the Present
GER - German55100Lyric Poetry From Romanticism To The Present
GER - German55400German Drama before Naturalism
GER - German55500Drama from Naturalism to the Present
GER - German58100German Culture
GER - German59400Nietzsche: Literature & Values
GER - German59400Orientalism in German Literature
GER - German59400Special Topics in German Literature
HDFS - Human Dev and Family Studies28000Diversity in Individual and Family LifeBehavioral/Social Science (BSS)Spring 2020,Fall 2019,Summer 2019
HEBR - Hebrew28400Ancient Near Easter History & Culture
HEBR - Hebrew38000Israel & the Modern WorldHumanities (H)
HIST - History10300Introduction To The Medieval WorldHumanities (H)Spring 2020,Fall 2019,Summer 2019
HIST - History10400Introduction To The Modern WorldHumanities (H)Spring 2020,Fall 2019,Summer 2019
HIST - History10500Survey of Global WorldHumanities (H)Spring 2020,Fall 2019,Summer 2019
HIST - History20100Ancient Near Eastern History & Culture
HIST - History21000The Making of Modern AfricaHumanities (H)Fall 2019
HIST - History21100World Soccer & Global HistoryHumanities (H)
HIST - History22800English History to 1688
HIST - History23800History of Russia Medieval Times to 1861Humanities (H)Spring 2020
HIST - History24000East Asia And Its Historic TraditionHumanities (H)Fall 2019
HIST - History24100East Asia in the Modern WorldHumanities (H)Spring 2020
HIST - History24300South Asian History And CivilizationsHumanities (H)Fall 2019
HIST - History24500Middle East History And CultureHumanities (H)
HIST - History24600Modern Middle East and North AfricaHumanities (H)
HIST - History25000United States Relations With The Middle East And North AfricaHumanities (H)Spring 2020
HIST - History27100Latin American History To 1824Humanities (H)Fall 2019
HIST - History27200Latin American History From 1824Humanities (H)Spring 2020
HIST - History30200Introduction to Jewish StudiesSpring 2020,Summer 2019
HIST - History30200Black Pop Culture&Civil RghtsSummer 2019
HIST - History30200Global 1960s RevolutionFall 2019
HIST - History30200African American Women's Intellectual Tradition
HIST - History30200Afro-American Athletes & Race
HIST - History30200Ancient Judaism & Early Christianity
HIST - History30200Arab-Isreali Conflict
HIST - History30200Controversies Contemp Korea
HIST - History30200Creoles,Vampires,Quadroon Balls
HIST - History30200Gender & Medieval Religion
HIST - History30200Gender and War in the Time of Napoleon - Honors
HIST - History30200History of Ireland: 1556-1921
HIST - History30200History of Korea
HIST - History30200Imperial Spain 1469-1714
HIST - History30200Modern Korean History
HIST - History30200Religion in American History & Culture
HIST - History30200Religion in American Society & Politics 1607-1877
HIST - History30200The Bible & its Early Interpreters
HIST - History30200Youth in Revolutionary China
HIST - History31405STEM and GenderHumanities (H),Science Technology and Society (STS)
HIST - History31700A History of the Christian Church And The Expansion Of Christianity I
HIST - History31800A History of the Christian Church And The Expansion Of Christianity II
HIST - History32000The World of Charlemagne
HIST - History32105Spain: The First Global Empire
HIST - History32300German HistoryHumanities (H)
HIST - History32400Modern FranceHumanities (H)
HIST - History32900History Of Women In Modern EuropeHumanities (H)
HIST - History33000History Of The British Empire And Commonwealth, 1783 To 1960
HIST - History33300Science & Technology In Western Civilization IHumanities (H),Science Technology and Society (STS)Fall 2019
HIST - History33400Science & Technology in Western Civilization IIHumanities (H),Science Technology and Society (STS)
HIST - History33700Europe in the Age of the Cold War
HIST - History33900Traditional China
HIST - History34000Modern ChinaHumanities (H)Fall 2019
HIST - History34100History of Africa South of the SaharaHumanities (H)
HIST - History34200Africa And The West
HIST - History34300Traditional JapanHumanities (H)
HIST - History34400Modern JapanHumanities (H)
HIST - History34505Arabs in American EyesSpring 2020
HIST - History34705History of Religion in AmericanFall 2019
HIST - History35100Second World WarHumanities (H)Spring 2020,Summer 2019
HIST - History35700History of Southern Africa Since 1400
HIST - History35900Gender In East Asian HistoryHumanities (H)Fall 2019
HIST - History36101Violence, War, and Militarism in Modern Africa
HIST - History36600Hispanic Heritage US
HIST - History37700History And Culture Of Native AmericaHumanities (H)Spring 2020,Fall 2019,Summer 2019
HIST - History37900Gandhi: Myth, Reality and Perspective
HIST - History38400History Of AviationHumanities (H),Science Technology and Society (STS)Fall 2019
HIST - History38700History of the Space AgeHumanities (H),Science Technology and Society (STS)Spring 2020
HIST - History39001Jews In The Modern World: A Survey Of Modern Jewish Society, Culture, And Politics
HIST - History39100History Of Russian Popular Entertainment
HIST - History39200Caribbean History And CultureFall 2019
HIST - History39500Sex, Race, & ScienceSpring 2020
HIST - History39500Afro Amer Athl & Civil Rights
HIST - History39500Gender & War in Modern Europe
HIST - History39500German-Occupied Europe
HIST - History39500Indian Crossroads-Colonial City
HIST - History39500Occupied Europe
HIST - History39500Politics Mod Latin America
HIST - History39500The Civil Rights Movement
HIST - History39600The Afro-American To 1865Humanities (H)
HIST - History39800The Afro-American since 1865Humanities (H)Spring 2020
HIST - History40300Europe In ReformationFall 2019
HIST - History40400Kings And Philosophers: Europe 1618-1789
HIST - History40500The French Revolution and Napoleon
HIST - History40600Rebels And Romantics: Europe 1815-1870Spring 2020
HIST - History40700Road to World War I: Europe 1870-1919
HIST - History40800Dictatorship And Democracy: Europe 1919-1945
HIST - History41300Modern European Imperialism
HIST - History41800European Society And Culture 1450-1800
HIST - History42300Divided Germany
HIST - History42300Germany & France:War, Peace & Memry
HIST - History42700History of Spain and Portugal
HIST - History43000Women in African History
HIST - History44100Africa in 20th Century
HIST - History45500Modern Iraq
HIST - History46900Black Civil Rights Movement
HIST - History47200History of Mexico
HIST - History47700Native American Women's History
HIST - History47900American Representations Of The Middle East And North Africa
HIST - History48800History Of Sexual Regulation In The United States
HIST - History4920018th-Century Pacific Worlds
HIST - History49200Afro American & Amer Labor Movement
HIST - History49200Catholic Priests & Nuns Movies
HIST - History49200Gauchos and Cowboys on the Argentine Frontier
HIST - History49200History Of Argentina
HIST - History49200History of Argentina 1810-Present
HIST - History49200Late Imperial China
HIST - History49200Life & Career of Winston Churchill
HIST - History49200Race, Gender, Culture US - Honors
HIST - History49500Race & Civil Rights MovmntFall 2019
HIST - History49500Gender Revolution in Modern American
HIST - History49500Indian Removal 19th Cent US
HIST - History49500Interwar Jewish Experiences in E. Central Europe, Russia, and Middle East
HIST - History49500Native America and Colonial Settlement
HIST - History49500Rel & Pol In Mid Amer
HIST - History49500Spain in American Southwest
HIST - History49500War and Gender
HIST - History49500Women Modern America 1950-Pres
HIST - History51200England Under Stuarts
HIST - History54800Conflict in East Asia: Twentieth Century
HIST - History57600Problems in Latin American History
HIST - History59400African-American Thought and Ideology
HIST - Interdisciplinary Studies59500The Holocaust and Genocide
HK - Health and Kinesiology22600Contemporary Women's HealthFall 2019
HONR - Honors39900Introduction to Visual Studies
IDIS - Interdisciplinary Studies49100Arabic CultureFall 2019
IDIS - Interdisciplinary Studies49100Jewish CinemaFall 2019
IDIS - Interdisciplinary Studies49100Intro to Islamic Civ & CulSpring 2020
IDIS - Interdisciplinary Studies49100British Literature
IDIS - Interdisciplinary Studies49100Cultural Orphans in Latin America
IDIS - Interdisciplinary Studies49100Gender & Medieval Religion
IDIS - Interdisciplinary Studies49100Race & Religion in the US
IDIS - Interdisciplinary Studies49100Religion & Violence
IDIS - Interdisciplinary Studies49100Two Koreas: Pol Econ Rivalry
IDIS - Interdisciplinary Studies49100Women Writers in Translation
ITAL - Italian23100Dante's Divine Comedy
ITAL - Italian28100The Italian Renaissance and its Impact on Western CivilizationHumanities (H)Fall 2019
ITAL - Italian33000The Italian CinemaHumanities (H)Fall 2019
ITAL - Italian33300The Spirit of Italian ComedyHumanities (H)Spring 2020
ITAL - Italian33500Italian-American CinemaFall 2019
ITAL - Italian34100Italian Literature I: From The Middle Ages To The Enlightenment
ITAL - Italian34200Italian Literature II: From Romanticism to the Present
ITAL - Italian39300Mafia And The MoviesFall 2019
ITAL - Italian39300Italian Fashion: History
ITAL - Italian39300Italian Women Writers in Translation
ITAL - Italian39300La Dolce Vita: Italian Food
ITAL - Italian39300The Films Of Martin Scorcese
ITAL - Italian49300Mafia & the Movies
JPNS - Japanese24100Introduction To The Study Of Japanese LiteratureSpring 2020,Fall 2019
JPNS - Japanese28000Introduction To Modern Japanese CivilizationSpring 2020
JPNS - Japanese33000Japanese CinemaFall 2019
JPNS - Japanese34100Japanese Literature I: Modern Japanese Literature
JPNS - Japanese48000Japanese Civilization
JPNS - Japanese49000Contemporary Japanese Popular Literature & Culture
JPNS - Japanese49000Japanese Society Through Songs
JPNS - Japanese49000JPNS Cinema II:Enter & Othr Fm
JPNS - Japanese54300Modern Japanese Popular Literature And Culture
JPNS - Japanese59400Modern Japanese Fiction
JWST - Jewish Studies33000Introduction to Jewish StudiesHumanities (H)Summer 2019
LALS - Latin American and Latino Studies25000Introduction To Latin American And Latino StudiesSummer 2019
LALS - Latin American and Latino Studies26000U S Latino Culture
LALS - Latin American and Latino Studies49500Humanigration: A Border Experience
LATN - Latin 34300Roman OratoryHumanities (H)Spring 2020
LATN - Latin 34400Roman EpicHumanities (H)
LATN - Latin 34500Roman ElegyHumanities (H)
LATN - Latin 34700Roman ComedyHumanities (H)
LATN - Latin 44300Roman SatireHumanities (H)
LATN - Latin 44400Roman PhilosophersHumanities (H)
LATN - Latin 44600Roman HistoriansHumanities (H)
LC - Languages and Cultures23500East Asian Literature
LC - Languages and Cultures23900Contemporary Foreign Women Writers In TranslationHumanities (H)
LC - Languages and Cultures23900French Women Writers in Translation - HonorsHumanities (H)
LC - Languages and Cultures23900Italian Women Writers In TranslationHumanities (H)
LC - Languages and Cultures23900Women Writers in TranslationHumanities (H)
LC - Languages and Cultures33100Kabbalah and Jewish Mysticism
LC - Languages and Cultures33100Topics in Brazilian Culture
LC - Languages and Cultures33300The Middle Ages on FilmHumanities (H)
LC - Languages and Cultures49000Cold War Cultures in KoreaSpring 2020
LC - Languages and Cultures49000Korean Language in Culture & Society
LC - Languages and Cultures59300ModEuroRhetorc,Poetcs,Narrativ
MARS - Medieval and Renaissance Studies22000The Tudors
MARS - Medieval and Renaissance Studies42000Renaissance Mind: Florence 1300-1600
MARS - Medieval and Renaissance Studies42000The Bible as Literature: The New Testament
MARS - Medieval and Renaissance Studies42000Tudors in Literature and Film
MUS - Music History & Theory37600World MusicHumanities (H)Spring 2020
OLS - Organizational Behavior and Human Resource45400Gender & Diversity Management
OLS - Organizational Behavior and Human Resource45600Leadership in a Global Environment
PHIL - Philosophy11000Introduction To PhilosophyHumanities (H)Spring 2020,Fall 2019,Summer 2019
PHIL - Philosophy11400Global Moral IssuesHumanities (H)Spring 2020,Fall 2019,Summer 2019
PHIL - Philosophy20600Philosophy of ReligionHumanities (H)Spring 2020,Fall 2019
PHIL - Philosophy22500Philosophy and GenderHumanities (H)Fall 2019
PHIL - Philosophy23000Religions of the EastHumanities (H)Spring 2020
PHIL - Philosophy23100Religions of the WestHumanities (H)Spring 2020,Fall 2019
PHIL - Philosophy24200Philosophy, Culture, And The African American ExperienceHumanities (H)Fall 2019
PHIL - Philosophy27000Biomedical EthicsScience Technology and Society (STS)Spring 2020
PHIL - Philosophy29300Science and Religion
PHIL - Philosophy30100History of Ancient PhilosophyHumanities (H)Spring 2020,Fall 2019
PHIL - Philosophy30200History of Medieval PhilosophyHumanities (H)Spring 2020,Fall 2019
PHIL - Philosophy30300History of Modern PhilosophyHumanities (H)Spring 2020,Fall 2019
PHIL - Philosophy40200Studies in Medieval Christian ThoughtSpring 2020
PHIL - Philosophy40600Intermediate Philosophy Of Religion
PHIL - Philosophy43100Contemporary Religious Thought
PHIL - Philosophy49000Early Greek Philosophy
PHIL - Philosophy49000Philosophy of Race
PHIL - Philosophy50100Studies In Greek Philosophy
PHIL - Philosophy50500Islamic And Jewish Philosophy And The Classical Tradition
PHIL - Philosophy50600Advanced Philosophy Of ReligionSpring 2020
PHIL - Philosophy58000Modern Arab ThoughtSpring 2020
POL - Political Science13000Introduction To International RelationsBehavioral/Social Science (BSS)Spring 2020,Fall 2019,Summer 2019
POL - Political Science14100Governments of the WorldBehavioral/Social Science (BSS)Spring 2020,Fall 2019,Summer 2019
POL - Political Science22200Women, Politics, And Public PolicyBehavioral/Social Science (BSS)Spring 2020,Fall 2019,Summer 2019
POL - Political Science22900The US, Cuba & Latin America
POL - Political Science23100Introduction To United States Foreign PolicyBehavioral/Social Science (BSS)Spring 2020
POL - Political Science23500International Relations Among Rich And Poor NationsBehavioral/Social Science (BSS)Spring 2020,Fall 2019,Summer 2019
POL - Political Science32300Comparative Environmental PolicySpring 2020
POL - Political Science32600Black Political Participation in AmericaBehavioral/Social Science (BSS)Fall 2019
POL - Political Science34500West European Democracies In The Post-Industrial Era
POL - Political Science34700Introduction To Latin American Politics
POL - Political Science34800East Asian Politics
POL - Political Science35100Foundations Of Western Political Theory: From Plato To The Reformation
POL - Political Science36000Women and the LawSpring 2020
POL - Political Science43000IR: The Iraq Wars
POL - Political Science43000Theories of IR
POL - Political Science49100Politics of Japan and ChinaFall 2019
POL - Political Science49100American Race Relations
POL - Political Science49100Public Policy: Race, Class, Gender
POL - Political Science49100Race, Class and Political Representation
POL - Political Science49100Race, Gender & Political Representation
POL - Political Science49100The Iraq Wars
POL - Political Science49300Introduction to Jewish StudiesSpring 2020,Summer 2019
POL - Psychology52000Gender, Race, And Class: Public Policy
PSY - Psychology23900The Psychology Of WomenSpring 2020,Fall 2019,Summer 2019
PSY - Psychology33500Stereotyping And PrejudiceSpring 2020,Fall 2019,Summer 2019
PSY - Psychology36800Children's Development In Cross-Cultural Perspective
PSY - Psychology39200Diversity and Inclusion
PSY - Psychology43600Foods and BehaviorSpring 2020
PSY - Psychology53500Psychology Of Death And Dying
PSY - Psychology59100Acceptance and Inclusion
PSY - Psychology59100Cross Cultural Social Psy
PSY - Psychology59100Ethnic Minority Issues in Psy
PTGS - Portuguese33000Brazilian, Portuguese, And African Cinema
PTGS - Portuguese55100Brazilian Poetry
PTGS - Portuguese55500Brazilian Drama
PTGS - Portuguese55700Brazilian FictionSpring 2020
PTGS - Portuguese59400Clarice Lispector
PTGS - Portuguese59400Latin American Short Story
PTGS - Portuguese59400Luso-Brazillian Literature
PTGS - Portuguese59400Machado De Assis
REL - Religious Studies20000Introduction To The Study Of ReligionHumanities (H)Spring 2020,Fall 2019
REL - Religious Studies20100Interpretation of the New Testament
REL - Religious Studies20200Interpretation of the Old Testament
REL - Religious Studies20300Theology Of Paul
REL - Religious Studies20400Introduction To Christian Theology
REL - Religious Studies23000Religions Of The EastHumanities (H)Spring 2020
REL - Religious Studies23100Religions Of The WestHumanities (H)Spring 2020,Fall 2019
REL - Religious Studies25000A History of the Christian Afterlife
REL - Religious Studies31700Ancient Judaism & Early ChristianitySpring 2020
REL - Religious Studies31800The Bible and its Early InterpretersSpring 2020
REL - Religious Studies35100Christian Mysticism
REL - Religious Studies45000Christian Ethics
REL - Religious Studies45100Christology
REL - Religious Studies45200Systematic TheologySpring 2020
RUSS - Russian29800Russian Fairy TalesSummer 2019
RUSS - Russian33000Russian And East European CinemaHumanities (H)Fall 2019
RUSS - Russian34100Russian Literature I: From The Beginnings To 1900
RUSS - Russian34200Soviet Literature and BeyondFall 2019
RUSS - Russian38000Russian Culture and Civilization ISpring 2020
RUSS - Russian38100Russian Culture and Civilization II
RUSS - Russian48000Russian Civilization
RUSS - Russian49700Tolstoy and His AgeSpring 2020
RUSS - Russian58100Russian Culture
SOC - Sociology22000Social ProblemsBehavioral/Social Science (BSS)Spring 2020,Fall 2019,Summer 2019
SOC - Sociology31000Racial And Ethnic DiversitySpring 2020,Fall 2019,Summer 2019
SOC - Sociology33800Global Social MovementsSpring 2020,Fall 2019
SOC - Sociology33900Introduction To The Sociology Of Developing Nations
SOC - Sociology35600Hate And ViolenceSpring 2020,Fall 2019
SOC - Sociology36700Religion In AmericaSpring 2020,Fall 2019
SOC - Sociology36900Chinese ReligionSpring 2020
SOC - Sociology40900Social NetworksSpring 2020
SOC - Sociology45000Gender Roles In Modern SocietySpring 2020,Fall 2019
SOC - Sociology56700Religion In Social Context
SOC - Sociology56800Religion And Society
SPAN - Spanish23100Cervantes' Don Quixote
SPAN - Spanish23500Food/Culture In Hispanic WorldHumanities (H)
SPAN - Spanish23500Latin American Short StoriesHumanities (H)
SPAN - Spanish23500Spanish American Literature in TranslationHumanities (H)
SPAN - Spanish24100Introduction To The Study Of Hispanic LiteratureSpring 2020,Fall 2019,Summer 2019
SPAN - Spanish28000Intro Latin Am & Latino Study
SPAN - Spanish33000Spanish And Latin American CinemaHumanities (H),Written Communication (WC)Spring 2020
SPAN - Spanish33500The Literature of Spanish-Speaking Peoples in the United States
SPAN - Spanish34100Hispanic Literature I: Poetry And DramaFall 2019
SPAN - Spanish34200Hispanic Literature II: ProseSpring 2020
SPAN - Spanish48000Spanish CivilizationSpring 2020
SPAN - Spanish48100Spanish CultureFall 2019
SPAN - Spanish48200Latin American CivilizationFall 2019
SPAN - Spanish48300Latin American CultureSpring 2020
SPAN - Spanish49800Food Culture Hispanic WorldFall 2019
SPAN - Spanish49800Chicana/o & Latina/o Lit Trans
SPAN - Spanish49800Food Culture Hispanic World
SPAN - Spanish49800Hispanic Film in Spanish
SPAN - Spanish54000Spanish Literature Of The Middle Ages
SPAN - Spanish54100Spanish Literature of the Golden Age
SPAN - Spanish54200Cervantes' Don Quijote
SPAN - Spanish54300Spanish Literature Of The 18th And 19th Centuries
SPAN - Spanish54500Spanish Literature Of The 20th Century
SPAN - Spanish55000Spanish American Literature of the Colonial Period
SPAN - Spanish55100Spanish American Literature Of The 19th Century
SPAN - Spanish55200Spanish American Literature from 1900 to 1970
SPAN - Spanish55300Spanish American Literature From 1970- Present
SPAN - Spanish55500Chicano/a and PR Literature
SPAN - Spanish59400Modern Spanish Comic TheaterSummer 2019
SPAN - Spanish59400Borders and BorderlandsSpring 2020
SPAN - Spanish59400Hispanic Film in Spani Part II
SPAN - Spanish59400Spanish Literature of the Middle Ages
WGSS - Women Gender and Sexuality Studies28000Women's Studies: An IntroductionBehavioral/Social Science (BSS),Humanities (H)Spring 2020,Fall 2019,Summer 2019
WGSS - Women Gender and Sexuality Studies2810020th Century Women ArtistsFall 2019
WGSS - Women Gender and Sexuality Studies28100Wom Pol and Publ PolSpring 2020
WGSS - Women Gender and Sexuality Studies28100Arab Women Writers
WGSS - Women Gender and Sexuality Studies28100Contemporary Foreign Women Writers In Translation
WGSS - Women Gender and Sexuality Studies28100Spanish American Literature in Translation
WGSS - Women Gender and Sexuality Studies28100Women Writers in Translation
WGSS - Women Gender and Sexuality Studies28100Women, Gender, And Leadership
WGSS - Women Gender and Sexuality Studies28200Introduction to LBGT StudiesBehavioral/Social Science (BSS)Spring 2020,Fall 2019
WGSS - Women Gender and Sexuality Studies38000Gender And MulticulturalismBehavioral/Social Science (BSS)Fall 2019
WGSS - Women Gender and Sexuality Studies38100Women Of Color In The United States
WGSS - Women Gender and Sexuality Studies38200Love, Sex and SexualityFall 2019
WGSS - Women Gender and Sexuality Studies38300Women and WorkSpring 2020
WGSS - Women Gender and Sexuality Studies39000Gender and Politics in Early Modern Europe
WGSS - Women Gender and Sexuality Studies39000Literature, Queer Studies & Disability
WGSS - Women Gender and Sexuality Studies39000Queens & Empresses in Early Modern Europe
WGSS - Women Gender and Sexuality Studies39000Sports & Popular Feminisms
WGSS - Women Gender and Sexuality Studies39000STEM and Gender
WGSS - Women Gender and Sexuality Studies39000US Women Since 1870
WGSS - Women Gender and Sexuality Studies39000Women and Health in America
WGSS - Women Gender and Sexuality Studies39000Women and Leadership
WGSS - Women Gender and Sexuality Studies39000Women and the Law
WGSS - Women Gender and Sexuality Studies39000Sports & Popular FeminismsSpring 2020
WGSS - Women Gender and Sexuality Studies39000US Women Since 1870Spring 2020
WGSS - Women Gender and Sexuality Studies39000Women and LeadershipSpring 2020
WGSS - Women Gender and Sexuality Studies39000Women and the LawSpring 2020
WGSS - Women Gender and Sexuality Studies48000Feminist TheorySpring 2020
WGSS - Women Gender and Sexuality Studies48200Interdisciplinary Studies In Sexuality: Scholarship On Lesbian And Gay Issues
WGSS - Women Gender and Sexuality Studies48300Global FeminismsFall 2019
WGSS - Women Gender and Sexuality Studies49900African American Women and Activism
WGSS - Women Gender and Sexuality Studies49900Black Women
WGSS - Women Gender and Sexuality Studies49900Gender Revolution in Modern America
WGSS - Women Gender and Sexuality Studies59900Bad Mothers in American Literature
WGSS - Women Gender and Sexuality Studies59900Gender & Sexuality in Sport
WGSS - Women Gender and Sexuality Studies59900Native Amer Women Writers
YDAE - Youth Development and Ag Education49100Consequences of Race and Privilege in Today's America

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