Voting Abroad


The numbers correspond to the boxes on the FPCA. These instructions should only be used as a guide. You should make sure to read the state specific information at before mailing your FPCA.

Important: At the top of the form, enter your state, county and city/township of last residency.

1.a. Enter your name, last name first. If your name has changed, put your former name in the remarks section.

1.b. Enter your sex.

1.c. You do not need to enter your race unless you last resided in American Samoa.

1.d. Enter your date of birth (month, day, year)

1.e. Most states require at least the last four digits of your social security number. Check the state specific information to determine whether your whole social security number is required or whether you can leave this section blank.

1.f. For other identification, a few states require a valid driver's license number if you have one. Minnesota requires your passport number. Check the state specific information to determine what information, if any, is required in this section. Do not provide information that is not requested (such as your passport number or a driver's license from another state because the information will be meaningless the local election official reviewing your FPCA).

2.a,b,c. Did you vote in the state of your last residency? If yes, enter the year you last voted in an election in that state and the county and state. (Voting by absentee ballots is considered voting in the state). If you can't remember the date, enter your best guess and note in the remarks (section 7) that you aren't sure about the date you last voted in your state. If you did not vote in the state of your last residency, write N/A for not applicable.

2.d. Voter registration number is required by Connecticut, Guam, Idaho, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Puerto Rico, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Vermont, and Virginia. If you were last resident in one of those states and do not have a voter registration number, write N/A for not applicable.

3.a. If your last residency was in South Carolina, enter the date you were last resident in the state -- you should wait until you have left South Carolina to mail your FPCA. If you were last resident in Virginia and if that home is no longer available to you, enter the date when you last resided there. For all other states, leave blank.

3.b,c,d. Enter the address at which you last resided in the United States. (The state where you last voted is irrelevant). You must provide a physical address, not a P.O. Box number. If your address includes a rural route, describe the physical location of your residency in the remarks section.

3.e. Enter your county of last residence. You do not need to enter your county if you last resided in Alaska or Connecticut. If you do not remember your county of last residence, go to

3.f. Enter your zip code. If you do not remember your zip code, go to

4. Enter the address where you want your absentee ballot to be sent. Make sure you include the country. If you do not know what your address will be in October, check with your school to see if they have an address in the country where you will be studying that you can use. Alternatively, you can enter an address in the United States where there is someone who can mail your ballot to you when it arrives. This option should be considered a last resort because there may not be a lot of time for the ballot to be mailed from the US address to your address overseas.

5. Enter your fax number, if you have one.

6. If you want to register to vote in a primary election, enter your party affiliation. If you wish to change your party affiliation or do not wish to fill in this section, check the state specific information.

7. It is a good idea to include your email address here for the local election officials to use if they have any questions for you. If there is any other information you wish to share with the local election officials such as a maiden name, information of which you are unsure, etc. put it in the remarks section. If you were last resident in Nebraska and you assumed your husband's name, you must put down your maiden name here. If you were last resident in Ohio, you must fill in the length of time you resided in Ohio. ( I was an Ohio resident for _____________). If you were last resident in Virginia and are overseas by virtue of your employment or your spouse's employment, you must provide your employer's name and address.

8. You must put an X in one of the four boxes. Generally, if you are only overseas for only one school term, you should put an X next to option b. If you are not sure, look to see if there is any state specific information describing the options. If still in doubt of which option you should choose, put an X next to option d.

8i. Make sure you sign and date the FPCA. (month, day, year). When signing, you are swearing or affirming that the information is true and correct.

9. If you were last resident in Michigan, Mississippi or Puerto Rico, you must sign the FPCA in front of a notary. If you were last resident in Minnesota and you do not have a military ID or passport number, you must sign the FPCA in front of a notary. If you were last resident in American Samoa, Florida, Hawaii, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Tennessee or Vermont, check the state specific information because in certain situations oaths, witnesses or notaries are required.

After you have completed your FPCA, print it out, sign it, put it in an envelope, place an first class stamp on it and go to the state specific information at to find the address where you need to send the FPCA. If you last resided in Cook County, Illinois or St. Louis County, Missouri, use the city address if you lived within the city limits of Chicago or St. Louis, respectively, and use the county address if you last resided within the county, but outside the city limits.