Helpful Links for Parents & Families


It's only natural that you would be concerned about your student's wellbeing. We think about it, too. Click here to see how we make decisions to keep students safe.

Study Abroad Handbooks

Click here to read some of the orientation information that has been provided to your student.

Financial Matters

Click here for information on Costs and Financial Aid.

Click here to read about Scholarships.

Practical Tips on Traveling

Click here for a time-zone converter, a currency converter, and information on the place where your student will be living.

Culture and Identity Abroad

Click here for resources to help students plan for study abroad in the context of their identities and the intercultural experiences they can expect to encounter through their programs. 

Requesting Information on Your Student

In many circumstances, the federal law known as FERPA prevents educational institutions from releasing information about students to anyone, even their parents. We encourage you to keep informed about your son's/daughter's study abroad program by talking directly with him/her about it, and by browsing the resources available on this site.