Disability Resource Center Welcomes New Director, Mandie Greiwe

Updated: Nov. 27, 2023

Driven by an unwavering passion for disability support, Greiwe envisions Purdue as a national trailblazer in student accessibility. "Purdue has the potential to be a leader in accessibility across the country, and I want to lead that charge," shares Greiwe. With her wealth of experience and commitment to fostering an inclusive environment, Greiwe seeks to transform Purdue into a beacon of accessibility.

Pictured: headshot for mandie greiwe

Pictured: Headshot of new DRC director, Mandie Greiwe

"My hope is that Purdue continues to showcase disability access as a priority," she shares. Recognizing that accessibility is a collective responsibility, one of her paramount goals is to collaborate closely with campus partners to instill a comprehensive understanding of their roles in promoting student access.

"This work allows us the opportunity to engage with people from all areas of campus and continue to grow and flourish with those around us," she remarks.

In Greiwe, the DRC has found a director whose deep ties to the institution coupled with a fervent commitment to accessibility promise a future where everyone at Purdue plays a vital role in shaping a truly inclusive and accessible community. Under her guidance, the DRC is poised to lead the way, setting an example for higher education institutions nationwide.

headshot of communications specialist emily jones

Emily Jones

Communication Specialist for Student Success Programs, jone1594@purdue.edu