Military Programs

We offer many programs for students associated with the military.

ROTC Programs 

If you’re involved in the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC), you can earn scholarships through academic merit. There are also non-scholarship programs available that pay monthly stipends. Find out more about Air Force, Navy and Army ROTC programs that are available at Purdue. 

Part-time Military Service 

Other part-time military service is available in the National Guard, and in the Army, Navy, Marine and Air Force reserves. In exchange for service on weekends and a couple of weeks during the summer, you can receive tuition benefits, repayment of portions of your federal student loans and full-time employment during summer breaks. All of this is in addition to pay received during part-time service. 

Military Veteran or Child of Military Veteran Students 

As a military veteran, or child of a veteran, you are eligible to receive federal financial aid, including low-interest student loans, in addition to veteran’s benefits. To receive these aid benefits, complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) each year. 

Helpful information can be found here: 

Military Activation Information 

Called to active duty while enrolled at Purdue?

The Office of the Registrar should be your first point of contact regarding withdrawal procedures. 

After figuring out the withdrawal process, you can contact the Bursar’s Officefor information regarding tuition, fees and financial aid refund policies. 

For student loan repayment/deferment questions, we recommend that you contact your lender/servicer.