Secure Your Aid

Secure your aid package by accepting your aid and confirming your enrollment. This lets Purdue know you will attend and allows you to choose how you would like to receive any refunds – either by mail or direct deposit.

Waiting for a refund? 

As the semester approaches, you will need to finalize your financial aid to guarantee your aid is received and your Purdue bill gets paid on time. If you haven’t already, log in to myPurdue and accept your financial aid.   

  • Double-check that all requirements are complete. 
  • Confirm your enrollment. 
  • Direct where to send your refund. 

View tutorials and instructions on how to complete the actions above. 

Still waiting for your refund? Check your requirements. 

The earliest a refund can be issued each semester is 10 days before classes begin. Note that this is the first date that financial aid is released, and additional time is generally required for processing.  

If you still have not received your refund: 

  • Check your aid status. Make sure you have met all the requirements of your specific type of aid.
    • Note: some issues may need to be resolved before you can receive your refund.  
  • Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) if the current semester’s status was a warning or probation, or other holds.  
  • Outstanding requirements on loans or aid, such as promissory notes (Direct Loans, Purdue Loans, loan entrance counseling, or verification). 
  • If there is a remaining balance on your Purdue invoice that you plan on paying out-of-pocket, you will need to sign up for an installment plan through the Bursar’s Office or make one full payment before the first day of the semester. 
  • Confirm your enrollment through myPurdue
  • Make sure any private funds were sent from the donor to the Bursar’s Office. 
  • We have some suggestions if you need assistance covering remaining costs.