Costs of Purdue

College is an investment for students and their families. As the #4 US public school that pays off the most, we know your education is valuable but first things first: what will it cost?

Estimated Cost of Attendance

The cost of attending Purdue varies depending on where you choose to live, enrollment in a specific program or college, food and travel expenses, and other variables. The Office of the Bursar website shows estimated costs for the current aid year for students by semester and academic year. These amounts are used in determining a student’s estimated eligibility for financial aid. You can also use our tuition calculator to estimate tuition costs.

Tuition and Fee Estimates

See the Office of the Bursar Rates and Fees web page for access to detailed information regarding current Purdue tuition, rates, and fees for undergraduate and graduate students, including summer, fall/spring and winter rate information as well as other case-specific fees that may not be included with the seasonal fee information. Learn more about how costs are estimated at Purdue.

How is the Cost of Attendance Estimated?

The Division of Financial Aid calculates an estimated cost of attendance and additional expenses for student financial aid applicants based on federal student aid guidance. The Division of Financial Aid surveys a sample of students every three years to help estimate costs more accurately.  

Cost of attendance estimates vary based on enrollment level each semester and a variety of other factors: 

Tuition and Fees 

Tuition and fees vary depending on the following factors: 

  • Whether the student is an Indiana resident or not 
  • College/school of enrollment 
  • Level of enrollment (full-time, half-time, or less than half-time enrollment) 
  • Whether the student is enrolled in any higher-cost courses

Note: The Office of the Bursar assesses actual tuition and fee calculations and sends invoices/billings. Some programs of study have additional fees. See the Bursar website for more information about fee rates.

Housing and Food

A standard allowance is provided if the student lives in Purdue’s University Residences housing or off-campus. Students who live with parents and commute will receive a smaller allowance. No housing and food allowance can be provided if a student is enrolled less than half-time.

Books/Course Materials/Supplies/Equipment

A standard expense amount is provided based on survey data dependent on whether the student is enrolled full-time (100% expense amount), three-quarter time (75% expense amount), half-time (50% expense amount), or less than half-time (25% expense amount). 


Transportation costs depend on whether the student is from the Midwest or outside the Midwest; a larger allowance is provided to local students commuting from their parent’s homes. 


A standard allowance for the cost of clothing, laundry, and recreation expenses is generally provided based on survey data; if a student is enrolled less than half-time, no personal expense amount can be provided. Loan fees apply if the student is receiving federal loans of any kind.

Dependent Care

An expense allowance for students with dependents who may incur dependent care expenses to enable them to attend classes. This expense is not automatically included in the budget. If you have these expenses and want them included, contact the Division of Financial Aid about a budget adjustment. Appropriate documentation will be required.

Loan Fees

An expense allowance based on fees charged to the loan borrower.