Scholarships are another type of gift aid — something you do not have to pay back.

Freshman Scholarships

At Purdue, there are several types of freshman scholarships available to undergraduate students.  

Merit scholarships are awarded to students based on the criteria submitted on the admissions applications (e.g., academic achievement). Other scholarships are awarded based on financial need.

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To ensure maximum consideration for all financial aid available to new Purdue students, high school seniors should:  

New Scholarship – Lilly Scholars at Purdue

Eli Lilly and Purdue are partnering on an innovative pharmaceutical manufacturing scholarship program that will continue Purdue’s track record of finding unique ways to keep the cost of college within reach. Incoming freshmen will have the opportunity to be considered for Lilly Scholars at Purdue, which consists of full tuition covered, guaranteed internship or co-op at Lilly, and a promise of coordinated interaction with company leaders. Full details about consideration and eligibility can be found on the Lilly Scholars at Purdue webpage.

Additional Scholarships 

Applications to additional scholarships for new and current students are outlined below.

University Scholarships for Indiana Residents

Purdue Bound 

Purdue Promise (Indiana 21st Century Scholars) 

Departmental Scholarships 

Some colleges and departments at Purdue offer scholarships to new, incoming freshmen as well as current students. Explore your department’s offerings and learn how to apply


ScholarshipUniverse maximizes scholarship opportunities for incoming and current students. It is a matching system that allows students to connect with internal (university and department) and external scholarships through their profiles. To learn more, check out our ScholarshipUniverse webpage

Indiana State 4-H Fee Remission 

The Division of Financial Aid receives a list of eligible students in February from the Department of Youth Development Agricultural Education according to 4-H achievement.  

View the requirements to renew your State 4-H Club Fee Remission