Whether you just started your college search, or you are a current Boilermaker, we are here to give you all the inside details on everything you need to know about finanical aid as a Purdue student from important dates to how to accept and mange your aid.

Current Students 

You’re a student and you want to stay a student — that requires you to be on top of what’s going on with your financial aid. Here you’ll find important information on keeping track of your aid and affording college.

Prospective Students 

So you’re interested in Purdue — at least interested enough to check out what it takes financially to attend — and we think that’s awesome. Here, you’ll find information on what it costs to attend Purdue and the types of aid available to students. 

Make sure you are aware of financial aid dates and deadlines to maximize your consideration for financial aid. 

Important Dates for Incoming Students

Even if a high school counselor isn’t guiding you through the process of applying for aid, we want to make sure you feel supported. If you have any questions along the way, you should feel free to contact us.