Bechtel Innovation Design Center Policies

The Bechtel Innovation Design Center is a not-for-profit student driven facility.

We provide design support, instruction, tools and a safe environment to help you complete projects. Please use the facility only for its intended purpose, not for financial gain.

Be considerate of others and the center.

Respect the space, comfort, and property of others.

Use this space for projects.

Homework, socializing, and sleep are important but please take them somewhere else.

Clean up.

Your continued access is dependent on cleaning up after yourself. You must budget time at the end of your work session for this. Class schedules are not an excuse.

The staff are here to help you succeed. They are also in charge.

The staff are here to help you get the most out of the center. The staff support that success with training and equipment. Access to the center is at staff discretion.

Be engaged.

You may only work here when you are alert, well rested and unimpaired.

Help others and the center.

This is a community and you will have many opportunities to help and share, please use them.

The center’s support does not change intellectual property ownership.

In most cases Purdue students own the intellectual property they develop. Purdue University Policy: Intellectual Property (I.A.1).

Consult with staff before starting a project that could be dangerous or offensive.

Projects that might harm people or upset people need to be approved by staff.

You are responsible for the safe use and suitability of what you make

We can say whether it is safe and suitable to make, but not if it is safe to use.

You are here by choice to learn and work.

You do not own the building space, machine time, or staff time. You own your project and its success.