Attendance Policy

Attendance is mandatory for all scheduled shifts. 

Peer mentors are expected to arrive on time and prepared for each shift. 

If a peer mentor knows in advance that they will be unable to attend a scheduled shift, they must: 

  • Notify the supervisor as soon as possible.  
  • Notify the admin of any schedule changes so the Center calendar can be updated. 

If a peer mentor misses a shift without prior notification, they will be marked as a no call no show. Two no call no shows without a valid reason could result in suspension and/or termination.  

If a peer mentor has a medical or family emergency that prevents them from attending a scheduled shift, they should notify the supervisor or staff member as soon as possible. In these cases, the absence will be excused. 

If an employee has a pattern of excessive absences and tardies, they will be terminated.  

If an employee is over 15 minutes late to a scheduled shift, without notification they will be verbally warned, then if it continues, they will be written up and, if still not resolved, terminated.  

By adhering to this attendance policy, we can ensure that all peer mentors/students have a fair and productive learning experience in the student-led design and manufacturing facility.