Project Workflow in the Center

The Center exists to enable all Purdue students to carry out projects. Purdue operates at scale with over 50,000 students enrolled at the West Lafayette campus alone.

To meet this need while ensuring safe, appropriate and responsible use the Center has adopted processes based on a standard workflow.

This workflow support student members by integrating them into an hybrid online/in-person community of their peers, supporting them as they self-learn/peer-learn from approved resources, and providing feedback through consultation with mentors.

Finally, the workflow enables members to receive a consistent level of support as they create their projects.

Flow diagram showing the steps for a Project in the Center

Workflow Minimum Requirements

To use resources in the Center certain requirements must be met and tracked:

  • The Member Agreement
    • Center hierarchy authority
    • Behavior and expectations
    • Charitable status
    • Liability limitations
    • Ownership and intellectual property
    • Ongoing research in the Center
  • Appropriate Training and Safety Training
    • Hazards and Personal Protective Equipment
    • Safe use of Center equipment and supplies
    • Responsible use of Center equipment and supplies
    • Effective use of Center equipment and supplies
  • The Project
    • Track use of the Center for funding purposes
    • Assess safety, suitability and required resources to complete

Updated 1/8/2023