Bechtel Mentor Alumni Policy


Bechtel Center members regularly get highly technical roles in world-leading companies. Current mentors will benefit from interacting with graduated mentor alumni in the following ways:

  1. Learning industry best practice and operational strategies
  2. Growing their personal network before graduation for both knowledge and career support
  3. Networking the Center with these world-leading companies

Mentor Alumni Limitations and Qualifications

To be a Mentor Alumni the individual must meet and agree to the following conditions, and any new updates or revisions going forward:

  • The role exists to enrich the experience of current Purdue students only
    • This courtesy role may be revoked at any time for any reason
  • Agree to the current (and any future) Bechtel Center Member Agreements
    • No use of the Center on behalf of your current employer or for personal profit
  • Sign the access wavier and contribute photo for the Alumni Discord channel
  • Alumni may not fill any role in the Center except member and buddy
    • No trusted user, supervisor, etc.
    • On safety / operations only fill the role of buddy
  • Learn and use existing operational practices and policies, e.g.:
    • Maintain projects and reservations through OS1
    • Keep personal safety training in-date
    • No novel CAD/CAM systems, except as approved by staff
    • Abide by decisions of current employees in both operations, training, etc.
  • Submit a representative photo of yourslef to have it displayed to existing employees in a Discord channel of current alumni
  • Share stories and experiences you have had with your soon-to-be-graduated peers!

How to Apply

To apply for this role:

  1. Contact Christina Perry via Discord
  2. Your application will then go before the supervisors for feedback and approval
  3. If approved, sign the waiver and supply the photo. Center staff decisions are final, however if you believe a mistake has been made please reach out