Student Employment


For the most part, the Bechtel Center is staffed and operated by student employees known as Peer Mentors. Whether an undergraduate or graduate student, each Peer Mentor is versed in a variety of skills from computer aided design to manufacturing and prototyping disciplines. It is the job of a Peer Mentor to assist Bechtel Center members in completing their projects from the design consultation stage all the way up to the manufacturing stage. The process of becoming a Peer Mentor at the Bechtel Center begins with the completion of the center’s Volunteering Process. 

How to Volunteer

If you believe you have the passion and temperament to effectively teach and assist other students in any of the center’s areas, these steps are your roadmap. Beginning with the Inter-Lab Volunteering Process, meet Peer Mentors from every area and experience the wide variety of working environments that the Bechtel Center has to offer. Then take a deeper look at a specific area of your choosing to complete the process.

  1. Join the Bechtel Innovation Design Center Discord Server with this server link
    • The Discord is the Center’s primary means of communicating with members and volunteers
    • If you have any questions during the process, ask them in the #i-have-a-general-question channel with the @Supervisor tag
  2. Complete the tasks required to pass the Inter-lab Volunteering
    • This module is a required prerequisite to any area specific modules
  3. Complete the tasks required to earn an Area-Specific
    • Each area-specific module is a requirement for hiring consideration


The Volunteering Process is used as a means of evaluating a potential Peer Mentor’s skills, temperament, and compatibility with other students and center staff, therefore completion of the process is not a guarantee of employment.  

Administrative Student Employment

This role is for students looking to gain administrative experience in a company-like setting. Administrative assistants will aid in supporting our center by fulfilling clerical and organizational duties.

Full-Time Non-Student Employment

Individuals seeking full time non-student employment should check the Purdue Careers portal. When and if any positions open for permanent staff roles they will be posted using the University’s formal hiring system which can be found here.