Project Material Storage


Space in the Center is extremely limited vs. the number of student members, and as such a strict storage policy that addresses the following issues is required:

  • Fairness – many if not all members are invested in their projects, it is not possible or appropriate to distinguish between them in importance
  • Efficiency – identifying the owner of a piece of stock cannot take more than a few seconds, considering the number of items in the Center
  • Order and Organization – keeping the Center safe and available to our members requires the ability to keep the Center organized and ordered

Normal Project Material Storage Policy

Project Materials belonging to an individual, team, or the Center – not a resident team – may only be left in the Center under the following conditions:

  1. Be in an approved location in a lab, consult lab staff for an appropriate plan. Note, no lab is required to store stock
  2. Have a paper attached with all the listed information
    • Full name
    • Purdue email
    • Date of use, NOT more than 14 days in the future
    • Project number – see image
  3. Dates longer than 14 days are only possible if:
    • The Project Materials being stored are in actual use, not simply the project is active
    • A plan has been agreed with the concerned lab staff
    • The date attached to the materials is amended to the new date, again not more than 14 days in the future
Screenshot snippet of Bechtel OS1.1 Project Management System page highlighting the Project Number
Location of project number on project page in OS1.1

After the date on the stock expires it will be placed into the general stock pool of the Center for use in student projects.