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Introducing the Bechtel Center to Your Students

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Student Ambassador

With sufficient notice, at least two weeks, the Bechtel Center can coordinate with Purdue faculty to have a Peer Mentor act as a guest speaker for any class to introduce the Center and all of its available resources, answer questions, and more!

Contact bechtelidc@purdue.edu for more information or to begin coordinating a Peer Mentor visit.

Working with the Bechtel Center

Important Disclaimers
  • We reserve the right to turn away any and all projects as we see fit.
    • If a project can be expected to drastically strain the resources of the Bechtel Center whether it be a large need for Peer Mentors, a large class with more people than the Center has time to help, etc. it may be turned down to maintain fair access to all students.
  • Course projects will not be prioritized over any other project.
    • To maintain fair access, all projects, reservations, consultations, etc. will be managed on an as-received basis and will not be prioritized over one another for any reason.
  • Course projects are not guaranteed to be completed by a certain deadline.
    • As we endeavor to provide fair access, flexibility and responsiveness to all Purdue students, there may be intervals during the semester where we will be heavily scheduled so a lead time of several weeks is not uncommon. 
  • Communicate with the Bechtel Center at least one month before sending an entire class to work with us on an assigned project.
    • Ample warning should be given in order to best prepare the Center for what may be a sudden influx of students.
    • Depending on the project, the center may need to prepare ahead of time or the students may need certain information for us to help them as best we can. 
  • Communicate with the Bechtel Center every semester if the project in question will be repeated.
Getting Started

If you’re unsure about how your proposed project may fit within the Center’s workflow and rules, or if you’re looking to start coordinating and planning a project, then getting in contact with us is your first step. Reach out to bechtelidc@purdue.edu and include the information below to get started. 

    • Your Information (Name, contact info, etc.) 
    • Course Information (College, course name and number, number of students in the course) 
    • Project Information (The project, expected materials used, deadlines, etc.) 


Please contact us at bechtelidc@purdue.edu with any further questions.