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Introducing the BIDC to your students

To help your students get started here are a few slides:

Working with us to make the BIDC better

The Bechtel IDC is a student project facility providing equipment, training and design mentoring. The goal of this support is to allow self-directed students to succeed in project completion.

As we serve the whole of the Purdue student body we endeavor to provide fair access, flexibility and responsiveness. Work in the BIDC follows a project oriented path as follows: students propose a project in person or on the website, a mentor evaluates this and provides consultation, a work plan is created including needed equipment and materials. Scheduling and training with the equipment, as per plan, happens as the work proceeds.

Please understand that at intervals during the semester we will be heavily scheduled and lead times of several weeks are not unknown. Please consult with us to identify optimal deadlines for your students’ projects.

In equipping the facility, we have opted for large variety of machines to allow students broad access to materials and methods, the main ones listed below:

  • 3D filament printing
  • Woodworking, including a CNC router table
  • Metalworking including CNC lathes and mills
  • Electronics assembly and debug, SMT and through hole
  • Paint booth for painting
  • Multifunction high bay with vehicle lift and 5-ton crane

We would love to show you the facility and work with you on how to present the BIDC to your students in terms of starting a project, the BIDC capabilities, lead times and expectations as a resource for their projects.

Please contact us on bidc@purdue.edu.