Dr. Matthew Swabey, Director

As a new, forward-thinking facility on campus, the Bechtel Innovation Design Center requires new, forward-thinking leadership. Dr. Matthew A. Swabey began serving as the inaugural Director of the Bechtel Innovation Design Center on August 15, 2016.

As Director of the Bechtel Innovation Design Center, Dr. Swabey will oversee operations, maintenance, and use of the facility. In addition, he will provide leadership, training, education, and support for students working on both curricular and extracurricular projects in the facility. Over the course of this coming year, he will be engaged in developing policies and procedures, ensuring successful completion of construction, and gearing up for full operation of the facility once the doors open.

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Nathan Stehle, Community Coordinator

As the Community Coordinator for the BIDC, Nathan is responsible for managing the student interaction with the facility and its full time and student employees. He is also the party primarily responsible for driving and tracking student project work as well as all related data gathering. Nathan serves as the go-to contact point for project design and review and is responsible for determining final project approval status.

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David McMillan, Assistant Director

As Assistant Director of the Bechtel Innovation Design Center, David researches and develops new processes, educates and trains our student leadership. In addition, he oversees safety, operations, and maintenance in the Center. Engaging with students and vesting responsibility with them is a key part of the Center’s success.

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Anirudh Pal

Anirudh is one of the key cogs in the innovation machine of the Center. He attained a Master of Science in the field of Computer Science at Purdue and has held multiple positions at the Center as a student employee. The intersection between his academic experience and passion for machining leads to operational changes that utilize software to simplify the daily operations of the Center and its members.

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