If you are starting your first project with Bechtel:

  1. Register yourself as a member of the Bechtel Center.
  2. Submit your project to the Bechtel team.
  3. Visit Room 103 at the Bechtel Innovation Design Center for your initial consultation. Please expect this meeting to take about one hour.

Bechtel Innovation Design Center offers a range of equipment, facilities, training and advice to help you complete your project.  (If you’re unfamiliar with all Bechtel has to offer, we recommend that you stop by for a tour of our facility.)



From oscilloscopes to soldering stations, we have what you need to create your own circuit boards or test what you’ve already built.

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3D Printing

With two different types of 3D printer available, you have a lot of options for your 3D printing project.  These options come with specific rules and requirements, and our 3D printers are pretty popular, so schedule your project early!

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Use our software and computers to draw a part in 3D space in order to better visualize features and geometry, or to create a specific machine toolpath to make your design a reality.

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Laser Cutting and Engraving

Cut the shape you need, or engrave an image on a variety of materials – but check first to make sure your material will work safely in our laser cutter.

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Machining (Waterjet Cutting, Metalworking and Woodworking)

Make a custom component for your project using equipment provided and maintained by our industry partners.

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Assembly and Prototyping

You have the design, we have the space. Assemble your prototype or project in the Bechtel basement!

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