Shipping Container Policy

The goal of using the shipping container is to declutter the receiving room, make more space in the high bay, and put more materials in the storeroom. This will allow the sheet metal tools to be properly set up in the high bay, the powder coating oven to move to the high bay and possibly set up forging equipment in the high bay.

All items in the shipping container except material will be labeled and all items except materials will be inventoried. The inventory list will be in teams in the supervisor folder. Only Center items will be stored in the container. Team items will not be stored in the container except those approved by staff and only for a brief period.

An assessment should be done yearly (in the summer) of the items stored in the container. Items that are deemed to be not ever used in the Center should be discarded, put on Purdue Billboard, or sent to Purdue Surplus.

The overall size of the shipping container is 40’ long. 8’ wide, and 9’6” tall. The inside space is smaller by approximately 8”. Shelving units will be purchased or built and installed inside the container. Ramps will be built to allow carts and pallet jacks into the container.  The ramps will be stored in the container. The key to the container door will be kept in the operations manager’s office.

The shipping container will be used to store the following:

  • Little used machinery from storeroom, metal shop, woodshop, and high bay
  • 3d printer, old oven, and tools from receiving room
  • Extra tooling from metal shop, woodshop, and high bay
  • Sheet steel and aluminum from receiving room and high bay
  • Plastic sheets from storeroom
  • Electrical connectors, calipers, … from storeroom
  • Overstock aluminum, steel, and wood (most will be kept in storeroom)