Exploratory Studies CODO requirements

Only credits from Purdue University will count towards CODO

CODO requirements listed are for the 2019 catalog term; students following catalog terms prior to 2017 should check with the department for those CODO requirements.



General Requirements:

  • Minimum Semesters: n/a
  • Minimum Credits: n/a
  • Minimum GPA: n/a

Course Requirements: n/a

Other Requirements:

To be eligible to CODO into Exploratory Studies, a student must have fewer than 83 credits that count toward the calculation of Exploratory Studies Total Credits.

The Exploratory Studies Total Credit calculation includes the following:

  • Credits by exam
  • Transfer credits
  • Pass/no pass credits
  • Courses in which students have earned a grade of F
  • Currently enrolled courses

The Exploratory Studies Total Credit calculation does not include the following:

  • Course withdrawals (Ws)
  • Previous attempts of repeated courses

To schedule an appointment with an Exploratory Studies advisor to see if this program is a good fit for you, call (765) 494-0843 or visit Young Hall, 8th Floor.

See the Exploratory Studies website to learn more about the policies regarding courses, credits, and programs for all Exploratory Studies students.