Advisor Certification Program

The Advisor Certification Program is a multi-level program that covers five proficiency areas, aligned with the Global Community for Academic Advising’s Core Competencies Model and framework (NACADA, 2017).  These proficiency areas include:

  • Advising at Purdue
  • Student Resources & Services
  • Advising Profession & Practice
  • Academic Programs, Requirements, & Degree Enhancements
  • Advising Technology

Advisors will complete a combination of self-guided online learning modules and in-person collaborative class sessions to meet specific criteria for each training level prior to obtaining certification.  There are two levels of certification – Foundational and Mastery.  Academic advisors are required to complete the training program and receive the Foundational Advising Certificate, while the Mastery Advising Certificate is optional but strongly encouraged for professional development and career growth. 

After completion of the Mastery Advising Certificate, advisors are encouraged to complete Continuing Education Units (CEUs) each year to maintain their certification.  CEUs are separated into three competency areas: scholarship, leadership, and practitioner.  A minimum of six CEUs in two different areas are required yearly to maintain the Mastery Advising Certificate.


Goals and Outcomes of the Advisor Certification Program:

Upon completion of both the Foundational 100 and 200 level courses, advisors will:
  • demonstrate foundational knowledge needed to perform the duties of a Purdue Academic Advisor
  • demonstrate the ability to practice the NACADA Core Competencies
  • obtain the Purdue Foundational Advising Certificate

Upon completion of Mastery 300 and 400 level courses, advisors will:

  • demonstrate proficiency in aptitude and application of processes within Purdue Academic Advising
  • demonstrate integration of advising theory into their daily practice
  • illustrate global knowledge of Purdue University and higher education
  • obtain the Purdue Mastery Advising Certificate
For questions about the Advisor Certification Program, please reach out to your supervisor, e-mail, or the Assistant Director of Advising Professional Development.