FAQ for Students

You probably have some questions about this process. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for below, contact your academic advisor for help.

That depends on the major’s requirements.

  • Some majors have limited space, so they hold all change requests until the end of the semester (or sometimes the end of the year). Even if you meet the minimum requirements, you might not be accepted if there is not enough space. Students changing their major to a space restricted program, as designated by SPACE AVAILABLE BASIS ONLY, need to have their Curricular Change Request (CCR) submitted by their home college/school by 5pm the Thursday of Finals week for requests effective the following term to be considered.
  • If the major is not space-restricted and you already meet any requirements (GPA, grades in specific courses, or credits earned) then the major change will be processed typically within 5 business days and you will start working with a new academic advisor.
  • If you meet the required GPA, other requirements and are currently enrolled in any required courses, you might be eligible for a “Conditional CODO.” You will work with a new advisor and have access to courses in the new major, but if you do not earn the required grades then your major change will be reversed at the end of the semester.
  • If you don’t currently meet GPA or academic standing requirements, your request will be held until the end of the semester.

In each case you will be informed about the status of your major change request and when you can expect to hear a decision.

CODO requirements are different for every program. For a few majors, students have to complete required courses before they can CODO. If the major is not space-restricted and the student meets eligibility requirements, then their CODO application can be approved conditionally while they are taking the required classes. The goal of the conditional CODO is to allow for timely registration in important courses. As long as the student meets grade requirements at the end of the semester, the CODO is made permanent. If the student does not meet CODO requirements, the CODO is reversed and the student has to return to their original major.

Admissions is a great resource for learning about majors at Purdue. You can search alphabetically, by career interest, or by college. Your current academic advisor and the Center for Career Opportunities can also help you think about your options.

To be eligible for a Conditional CODO, students must:

  • Meet any minimum GPA requirements
  • Be enrolled in any required courses
  • Have earned 12 graded credit hours at Purdue-West Lafayette
  • Be in good academic standing (not on probation)

Additionally, students are only eligible to conditionally CODO one time to any one College or School. If a conditional CODO is reversed and the student wants to try again, they will have to wait until grades post to CODO.

Look on the Academics tab in myPurdue and your advisor will be listed on the bottom right of the page.

If a request is approved in the first two weeks of the semester, it becomes effective that term. If it is approved any time after the first two weeks, it becomes effective the following term. However once the major change is processed, you should start working with your new academic advisor right away.

This is definitely something to ask about when you connect with the department. But if you want to get a good estimate, use the “What-If Worksheet” in myPurduePlan. There is an instructional video available.

You should hear from someone in your new department but you can also check myPurdue.

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