Welcome to Academic Advising at Purdue

Academic advising is a critical component of the educational experience of Purdue's undergraduate students and proactively contributes to enhancing student success. University Undergraduate Academic Advising (UUAA) is committed to providing centralized leadership, training, communication and coordination to Professional and Faculty Academic Advisors to ensure quality, holistic, personalized advising services to a diverse population of Purdue West Lafayette undergraduate students.


Academic Advisors promote an environment that challenges and supports students by providing meaningful opportunities for student learning, development, and integration of curricular and co-curricular experiences. Advisors are dedicated to empowering students to be active responsible learners while guiding students to make well-informed decisions that lead to the achievement of students’ educational, career and life goals.


2021 VSTAR Advising Start Dates

Advising Unit

Date Advising Begins


June 1


May 18

Engineering Honors/Goss Scholars

May 10

Exploratory Studies

May 17/24

First Year Engineering

May 11

Health and Human Sciences

May 10 - Health Sciences (HSCI)

May 17 - Human Development and Family Studies (HDFS)

May 17 – Psychological Sciences (PSY)

May 17 – Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences (SLHS)

May 17 – Nutrition Science (NUTR)

May 24 – Health & Kinesiology (HK)

May 24 – Hospitality & Tourism Management (HTM) / Consumer Science (CSR)

May 24 – Nursing (NUR)

June 1 – Public Health (PUBH)
Honors College

May 11

Krannert School of Management

May 11

Liberal Arts

June 1

Purdue Polytechnic Institute

June 1


May 17


May 17

Vet Nursing

May 24 (Paige Allen)
June 1 (Shelly Opperman)


Ryan Musselman “Serving students is my favorite part of advising. Each student is different, so my service is specific to them individually. But I love teaching students, helping extract lessons of everyday life and how they apply to the big picture that is their future. It is in this preparation for a new world that they will enter that I enjoy fostering growth, development, maturation and cultivating passion that will help them flourish in future challenges. This is done by encouraging students to seek opportunities to gain experience that help them become the best version of themselves as they acquire skills. Along the way I value promoting care for others, discovery in who they want to be, what their purpose is, and developing a sense of belonging at Purdue, in the community and in the world. I delight in coaching students to set goals and develop a plan to accomplish their intersecting goals in academia, career, life and leadership – their gauge of success. My advising is about the relationship established being authentic, a real genuine family-feel, as I help make connections from their life to their future as they learn to work well with others across the globe.”
-Ryan Musselman