Create Opportunities During COVID

One of the frustrating aspects of COVID for pre-professional students is missing observational experiences with professionals in their fields and volunteering in professional settings. Please realize that: 1) This is temporary and 2) professional schools are aware of this situation and will keep it in mind as they review applications. Still, you can and should take an active role in learning more about your field of interest to show schools that you take your career aspirations seriously and are making an effort to do what you can until more opportunities are available. Here are some ideas for continuing to build your credentials.

  • Ask professionals in your field if you can interview them about their career (called an informational interview). You may not be able to shadow them for now, but you can build a relationship with them and learn about what a day/week in their work life is like. How did they decide to enter their field? What is the best skill to build now to prepare for the field? These kinds of questions can help you learn a lot about practicing in that area.
  • Not sure who to interview? Try a professional you have seen, a family friend, or look on LinkedIn if you have an account.
    • Need help using LinkedIn? Make a QuickChat appointment through BoilerConnect with a Center for Career Opportunities Peer Consultant to learn how to make use of LinkedIn to contact Purdue's vast alumni network.
  • Regularly read news from your field. Check the websites for your professional organizations. Follow them on social media. Discover more Health News sites and Law News sites from these Pre-Professional Advising resources.
  • Many schools and associations are offering online webinars and workshops. Attend these when you can! Watch the schools' websites and the News section of this website for options.
  • Sign up for our monthly e-newsletter and regularly check our News section for postings of online shadowing, online workshops and webinars, and other events.

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