Student FAQs

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What do you need prior to completing your Course Requests?

  • Meet with your advisor.
    • Discuss the order of priority for the courses you plan to enter into the Course Request Form.
    • Discuss alternate courses where appropriate.
    • Advisor will confirm with you the appropriate overrides to request.
  • Remove any holds.
  • Meet with Disability Resource Center if you have a disability to ensure appropriate accommodations are satisfied.

What will I see if the pre-registration window is not open?

A warning box will appear that says "You are not allowed to make any changes at the moment. Please contact your advisor if you need to make a change."

How do you check your Pre-Registration Course Request?

Go to myPurdue under the student tab, click the Scheduling Assistant link to check your status of your course selections.

How can I check what a prerequisite is for a course?

Click on the Magnifying Glass icon to search for the course.  Scroll down to the Details tab where prerequisites are displayed.

What if dual credit or transfer credit is not loaded and I need an override to get a course?

Your advisor will need to see an official or unofficial copy of the transcript in order to provide an override for you. Once that is in place, you may attempt registration for that course.

Will I receive an error message if I try to request two classes that are offered at the same time?

Yes, you will receive a warning message. However, you can ignore the message and still include it on the request form. You will only be registered for one of the courses. 

What if the schedule includes overlapping times/classes?

Some courses (ex: BAND 11000 is an example) allow students to miss a prescribed amount of class times. You should consult with the instructor of the course.

How do I select an online course?

By default, the pre-registration process tries to optimize a workable schedule for you. The first priority in the process is the traditional on campus offering. If you would like to select a preference of “online” you can do so by searching for the course in the course finder and clicking the online box (if available).

What if I was assigned an online or hybrid course and I do not want it?

You may attempt to find a face-to-face offering of the course using you registration PIN once your time ticket opens. You can locate your time ticket in myPurdue under Registration Status.

When selecting courses and I see letters after the course number, what do they mean?

Click on the Magnifying Glass icon to see additional notes related to the course offering which will provide additional clarification.

How do I add additional alternate courses to the course request page?

Click the plus sign on the right side of the course entry to add another alternate line.

How many substitutes (at the bottom of the page) can I add?

You may add substitute courses at the bottom of the course request page in place of any of the courses listed above. Please note the more substitute courses they add, this will create a higher max credit and may require an override.

How do I make sure I get a specific section of a course? (Based on the title)

As you begin to enter the subject and course number, a list of options will appear, select the course with the title you are needing.

What happens if there is not space for me in the specific section (title) that I selected above?

If you selected a specific section (title) and there was a conflict or not space left, the registration process will not attempt to place you in a different section (title). If you only list the course (no title), the registration process will look at all course options.

Why am I receiving an error message that I have less than 15 credit hours?

In order for students to make progress towards completion of a Bachelor’s degree in four years, it is expected that all students register for a minimum of 15 credits per semester. You may save your requests with less than 15 credit hours if you have been advised to do so.

What if I do not get a required high priority course?

The algorithm attempts to maximize students’ choices. You cannot be registered in a course if:

  • The course is already full. Consult with your advisor to see if waitlisting is an option.
  • There is a conflicting time with another scheduled course.
  • You don't meet the prerequisites or restrictions for the course.

What if the class times I was given are not what I wanted?

The University used your course request form (and alternatives) to create the most optimal schedule for you. You should consult with your advisor to determine if making a change is recommended.

Free time requests are intended for students who cannot be scheduled into class during certain periods of the day (e.g., work, childcare, disability, etc.).

A high priority free time request may prevent the scheduling process from placing you into a lower priority course if that course meets during the requested free time.  As a direct result, this may impact receiving a required course or a full schedule.   

Do I need to select their learning community courses?

No-you will see these courses listed first on their Course Request page greyed out with a lock icon. You will not be able to modify these courses. Questions about Learning Community should be directed to the Learning Community office.

What if I no longer want to remain in my Learning Community?

After consulting with your academic advisor, you may reach out to Learning Community at or 765-494-5785.

When can I attempt to test out of COM 11400?

For more information students may review the COM 11400 website.

If I want to test out of COM 11400, can I also register for COM 11400 in case I don’t pass the test out?

No, if you select to test out of COM 11400, then you may not add COM 11400 on your Course Request page. If you attempt to perform both, the COM 11400 course request will be removed prior to scheduling you for classes.

Will the COM 11400 test out meet the University Core requirement for Oral Communication?

Yes, Credit by Exam will be awarded for COM 11400 that will meet the University Core requirement for Oral Communication.

When can I attempt the placement for a Foreign Language?

For more information students may review the Foreign Language Placement testing website.

Can I add a note when requesting an override?

Yes, you can add a note and then click Request Overrides and Submit.

Can I edit my note after I have saved it?

Yes, you can click on the note in the Course Request Form or the blue clock icon.

If an override is not approved, how will I find out?

You will be able to see the status on the course request page. The course will have a red X indicating the approval was denied.

How will I be notified about an override (ex: prerequisite) decision? How will I know what to do when a decision has been made?

You will be notified via your Purdue e-mail. The e-mail will direct you back to the course request page to review your errors.

How can I enter my athletic or PMO time block?

Please reference the website below to identify the appropriate REG course number to enter on your course request form.

How can students enter a free time request?

The student will use the magnifying glass icon to enter free time requests. The student will select the ‘Free Time’ tab and click on each half hour grid square that should be free. Press the ‘Select’ button or use the enter key to insert the free time request into the Course Requests grid.

When will students receive their course schedule?

They will receive an e-mail informing them that their schedule is final and available to view.

When can I make changes to my schedule?

Once your time ticket opens, you may modify your course schedule if advised to do so by your advisor. Use caution and read every dialogue box before clicking as student may inadvertently drop some or all classes.

What if I have no classes scheduled for me?

You did not submit a Course Request Form within your time status. Please contact your academic advisor for assistance. If your advisor provided you a PIN, you may register for classes once your time ticket opens. You can view your time ticket in myPurdue under Registration status.

Can I try to rearrange my schedule?

You should have received advice from your advisor on whether to arrange your schedule or not. You may try at your own risk. The University optimizes all available space, thus open seats will be limited.

How long do I have to make changes to my schedule?

Refer to the Add/Drop Refund & Deadline Calendars and click on the semester of choice.

Guide on Add/Drop/Revisions in Scheduling Assistant.

Can I import my schedule to my personal calendar?

Yes, for IOS. You can use the iCalendar in the Scheduling Assistant.

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