Using Your Chosen Name at Purdue

Students, staff, and faculty at Purdue may use their chosen (preferred) names on campus regardless of whether it matches their legal name. 

Read below to learn how to add a chosen name to popular Purdue systems.

Note: due to interoperability issues between systems, adding a chosen name to one system may not automatically update the chosen name field in another system.

For assistance with additional Purdue systems, please send an email to


Follow these steps to change your BoilerLink chosen name:

  • Log in to
  • Go to the user name displayed in the top left-hand corner and click on the arrow pointing down, which is located next to the display name
  • Click on "Profile" under the “Profile” heading
  • Change “First Name” field
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Update”
  • The student should now see a green bar at the top that says “Account information updated” and the name displayed in the top left-hand corner should reflect the name change


Students can add their chosen first name in MyPurdue which should update their name in the Brightspace roster. Here are instructions for adding a preferred name to MyPurdue and Brightspace.

Office 365 Display Name

Faculty, staff and students may change the display name for their Office 365 display name by completing this form. Please note that this form does require 2-factor authentication.


Students can add their chosen first name in MyPurdue. Here are instructions for adding a preferred name to MyPurdue and Brightspace.

Purdue University Diploma & Graduation Materials

Students can change their diploma name on the myPurdue commencement task list. If students want a chosen name read by the orators or a chosen name printed in the program, then the Office of the Registrar will manually add in the student's chosen name.

The graduate will need to check in with their college table to get their orator card and report to the registrar help desk table located at the front doors of the Armory. The Office of the Registrar will ask the orator to meet with the student during the Armory line-up if they have questions regarding pronunciation.

Please email the Office of the Registrar to process these requests:

Purdue Electronic Directory

Log in to the Purdue Electronic Directory by clicking the small icon that looks like an ID card above the "Search" field (alternate text will display "Update My Directory Listing" when you place your cursor over the icon). Once you log in, click on "Nickname" in the table of options. Enter your chosen name (first name and last name), then click "OK." No documentation is required to update your nickname in the Purdue system.

Purdue University ID (PUID) Card

Purdue students, staff and faculty can have their preferred/chosen name displayed on the front of their official Purdue ID card. Their legal name will be placed in small print on the back of the ID card.


Students can add their chosen name via the myPurdue portal. See Instructions for Adding Chosen Name to MyPurdue.

It may take up to three business days for the update to appear.  After updating your preferred name in MyPurdue, you have the option to have your preferred name displayed on the front of your Purdue ID Card. To do this, take your current Purdue ID card  to the Purdue ID Card Office and trade it in for a new ID with your preferred name.  There will be a replacement fee charged.

Click here for information and resources regarding the use of a chosen name at Purdue University.


See Adding Chosen Name to the Purdue Electronic Directory