Resources for Trans Students, Staff and Faculty

General Resources

Center for Excellence in Transgender Health (UC-San Francisco Medical School) – Guidelines for the Primary and Gender-Affirming Care of Transgender and Gender Nonbinary People

World Professional Association of Transgender Health (WPATH) – Standards of Care, version 7

On-Campus Resources

Find a Gender-Inclusive Restroom on campus or use the Refuge Restroom website (also available as a free app on Android and iOS devices) to locate a gender-inclusive restroom near you.

Check out Purdue's Gender-Inclusive Living Community, which is open to all undergraduate students and offers housing at Hilltop Apartments and Hillenbrand Hall.

Students, staff and faculty at Purdue may use their chosen names on campus even if they have not been formally changed through a legal process.

If you are looking for resources to complete a formal process to legally change your name and/or gender marker, visit our page, Changing your name and/or gender marker for more information. 

Purdue health insurance plans for staff, faculty and students provide coverage for hormone replacement therapy and gender-affirming surgeries. Learn more

Visit our informational page on health insurance for more information about navigating non-university health insurance plans or enrolling in a health insurance plan.

If you would like more information or resources for obtaining or navigating health insurance, please contact us at

Students can access medical care for hormone replacement therapy, including initiation and maintenance, as well as reproductive health care and general medical services at Purdue University Student Health Center (PUSH). 

Trans students can seek general mental health care and/or obtain a letter or letters supporting their need for transition-related medical procedures by seeing a therapist at the Purdue Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) at no charge. All CAPS therapists have attended Safe Zone training. Many CAPS therapists regularly work with trans clients and have sought out additional training to provide the best possible care for trans clients.

The Gender Care Team at CAPS provides coordinated care for trans students, including group therapy for trans and non-binary students.

Barbara Solomon, MA, CCC-SLP, Purdue University Speech, Language, & Hearing Sciences Clinics (SLHS Clinics

From the SLHS Clinics website: “The department supports two full-service teaching clinics that are open to the public. Student clinicians rotate through placements in the clinics, working under the supervision of faculty with clinical certification. In addition to individual therapeutic services, the clinics also offer a variety of on-and off-site group therapy opportunities, including the Brain Builders group for older adults with cognitive disabilities, and the Preschool Language Program.”

Call 765-494-3820 for more information about accessing vocal therapy services

The LGBTQ Center regularly collaborates with a variety of on-campus services to ensure students, staff, and faculty are supported. Learn more about many of the services offered by Purdue.

Off-Campus Resources

Lafayette – IU Health Arnett:
  • Jeffrey Wang (can initiate and maintain hormone therapy)
    • Note: Dr. Wang’s profile page states that he is not accepting new patients. However, he is still accepting patients if they are infants or if they are trans. To make an appointment with him, call 765-448-8000 to speak with an IU Health Arnett representative and let them know that you are seeking transition-related care for a trans person.
  • Jonathan Mongold (can initiate and maintain hormone therapy)
  • Karen Reagan (provides trans-inclusive gynecological care)
Indianapolis Chicago
Visit our page on mental health resources to find trans-affirming mental health care providers.

Please see below for information about local, state and national trans organizations.

Please note that any information on this webpage is not intended to be legal advice. Rather, it is a compilation of resources that may be helpful for those seeking to change their name and/or gender marker.