Game Night

Join us for games, community, and fun! No experience required!

A variety of video games, tabletop games, D&D, and more will be available to play. All are welcome to participate and there is no cost associated with participating.


Why Game Nights?

The Game Night program offers opportunities for community-building and resource-sharing. but occurs in the evenings to reach students that may not be able to visit the LGBTQ Center on Fridays or during regular hours. Some students who attended a game night event in Fall 2019 indicated feeling a sense of stress relief because they were so immersed in gameplay with other people that they were unable to think about things that caused stress.

The Game Nights program is informed by the Positive Youth Development (PYD) approach, which harnesses individual and community assets to enhance resiliency and mitigate the impact of barriers on young people who may lack adequate access to resources and support. The atmosphere of Game Night events provides a safe space where students can engage with peers and staff to build supportive relationships and develop a sense of belonging, as well as access primary prevention resources. To learn more, check out Positive Youth Development resources on

About Game Night

Accessing Schleman Hall after 5pm: 

The outer doors of Schleman Hall are unlocked until 8:00pm, and we have arranged with the Building Deputy to have the South Elevator (the one with the green door) operational during Game Night. If for some reason the elevator is not working, please call the LGBTQ Center at 765-496-6231 and we can help get you to the 2nd floor!

How To Support Game Night

  • Attend and connect with other attendees
  • Promote Game Night within your networks, classrooms, listservs, and social media
  • Give to the LGBTQ Center, donate supplies, or purchase items from the LGBTQ Center's Amazon Wishlist