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Instructional Technology

Collaboration & Interaction Tools

  • Connect with students through synchronous video conferencing.
  • Engage with the class with real-time polling tools.
  • Create asynchronous video discussions.
  • Create asynchronous Class Discussions that encourage active learner participation.

Assessment & Evaluation

  • Incorporate Peer Review into your course.
  • Embed quizzes within lecture videos.
  • Create Tests that randomly draw from question pools.
  • Utilize rubrics to help with grading student work.
  • Create randomized numerical and expression problems.

Creating Content

  • Create and Edit engaging videos from your computer.
  • Utilize our Video Express Rooms to record professional-level video content.
  • Store all of your videos for easy integrate into your course.
  • Ensure that all students have equal access to content with high-quality captions.
  • Take high-quality screenshots, to better support instructional material.

Course Integrity Tools

  • Incorporate Turnitin Originality to check originality on papers.
  • Engage Respondus Browser or Examity to ensure academic integrity in fully online courses.