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Spring 2024: Integrating AI into courses to promote student learning

Purdue faculty, instructors and others interested in teaching and learning are invited to join the Teaching and Learning Community of Practice (TLCoP) for any or all the monthly sessions this fall that extend the highly popular conversations around artificial intelligence (Ai) and large language models (LLMs) that began in spring 2023 (see those recordings here).

Lindsay Hamm, assistant teaching professor, Sociology

TLCoP’s 2023-2024 faculty facilitator, Dr. Lindsay Hamm, is the first Artificial Intelligence (AI) Innovation Fellow with Purdue’s Innovation Hub. TLCoP’s 2023-2024 faculty facilitator, Dr. Lindsay Hamm, is the first Artificial Intelligence (AI) Innovation Fellow with Purdue’s Innovation Hub. An assistant teaching professor in the Department of Sociology, Dr. Hamm was also the 2021 Excellence in Instruction Award for Lecturers winner. She has found numerous ways to incorporate AI into her student-centered, large-enrollment sociology courses for early-year undergraduate students.

Session 3: Conceptualizing, structuring, managing group work projects
Mon., April 29, noon-1 p.m.
Our final session of spring 2024 will showcase three instructional approaches to group assignments.
Beatriz Castro, lecturer in the Department of Biological Sciences
Kate Zipay, assistant professor in the Organizational Behavior and Human Resources area at the Mitchell E. Daniels School of Business
Lindsay Hamm, assistant teaching professor in the Department of Sociology and the College of Liberal Arts Cornerstone program
See key details in this announcement.

Session 2: PWL instructor-student conversations on incorporating GenAI
Session recording
Session notes

Thurs., Feb. 15, 2024, 3:30-4:30 p.m.
Our second session of spring 2024 further explored ideas and examples of how some PWL instructors are in conversations with their students about generative artificial intelligence (GenAI). Three panelists shared some of their approaches and strategies for attendees to discuss.
Robin Tanamachi, associate professor, Department of Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences
Andres Bejarnano, assistant professor of practice, Department of Computer Science
-Ethan Dickey, doctoral student, Department of Computer Science

Session 1: Explore new guidance on AI in Purdue courses and learning environments
Thurs., Jan. 11, 2024, 3:30-4:30 p.m.
Session recording
Session notes
During our first session of spring 2024, a record number of TLCoP attendees discussed the new Guidance on the Use of AI in Teaching and Learning released by the Purdue’s Office of the Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning. Vice Provost Jenna Rickus, Innovation Hub AI Fellow Lindsay Hamm, and others involved in developing the guidance participated. Attendees were asked to read the Guidance and come prepared with questions, ideas, and examples of how they are sharing their approach to AI with students.

Draft guidance for spring 2024 was issued on Wed., Dec. 6 with an invitation to provide feedback. Vice Provost Rickus said this guidance will continue to evolve each semester as more feedback is obtained and instructors continue to explore the opportunities these tools provide in the classroom.

Join our teaching & learning community

TLCoP meetings offer the unique opportunity to come together in an ongoing, flexible, and supportive environment to engage in conversation about a range of teaching and learning issues. In conversation with others from across a range of disciplines, at various stages in their academic careers, and with different kinds of experiences in the classroom, participants collectively explore pedagogical ideas and strategies that they can incorporate into their courses.

As a community of practice, TLCoP is open to any instructors who wish to learn more about teaching and learning and to those who wish to share their experiences with others. Graduate students, faculty, instructional support staff, or anyone who is passionate about teaching is welcome to attend any and all meetings. We’re thrilled to have you and to learn from one another!

TLCoP is organized by Purdue’s Innovative Learning Team, including Purdue Online, the Center for Instructional Excellence, the Purdue University Libraries and School of Information Studies, and the Envision Center. Staff members from each of these teams make up the planning committee and lend expertise in pedagogy, educational technologies, information and research support, as well as augmented and virtual reality in the classroom. These committee members are available to advise instructors on additional resources and relevant services related to TLCoP meetings.

For any questions, please reach out to TLCoP’s staff facilitators, Amy Haston or Kate Kozikowski.

Meet the TLCoP Team
Lindsay Hamm, Faculty Facilitator and Assistant Teaching Professor, Department of Sociology
Rachel Fundator, Information Literacy Instructional Designer, Libraries
Amy Haston, Educational Technology Consultant, Purdue University Online
Kate Kozikowski, Educational Technology Consultant, Purdue University Online
Lakshmy Mohandas, Associate Instructional Developer Researcher, CIE
Karen Neubauer, Assistant Director for Special Projects, CIE