CoPILOT Program


Purdue University Online is taking applications for CoPILOT: Cohort Program for Innovation and Leadership in Online Teaching.

Purdue West Lafayette instructors of record for online courses may submit an electronic application to join the semester-long, online instructor development program. The program will meet weekly in 60-minute online synchronous sessions.

Through the CoPILOT program each participant will:

  • receive assistance from instructional designers and video producers facilitating the program;
  • collaborate with the cohort through discussion and review of course design and facilitation plan with actionable feedback; and
  • obtain a working knowledge of Purdue University Online services.

By the end of the program, CoPILOT participants will have a ready-to-teach, accessible online course in Brightspace using research-based online course pedagogy that has been reviewed (enabling it to meet “Course Ready” as listed in the QM-Correlated Course Design Evaluation Rubric).

Participants will be expected to complete tasks and assignments prior to course meetings and plan for at least 5 hours outside of meeting time work each week.

Course development through CoPILOT is fully funded, covering the cost of instructional designers and video producers, a savings of $12,200.

Participants in the program will receive a $5,000 stipend for their effort. This stipend will be disbursed in accordance with completion of three course design milestones ($1000 at each milestone) and at the completion of the online course (a final $2000). Instructors will need a WBSE .06 departmental account set up in their name. Funds are to be used to support the CoPILOT instructor and/or the CoPILOT-developed course ($5,000 per completed course).

Overhead view of hands writing in a notebook balanced on a laptop keyboard.

Program Outcomes

The goal of CoPILOT is to enable Purdue University instructors to both develop and deliver Best-in-Class (asynchronous, accessible, active-learning) online courses in a scalable, collaborative, and community environment. Specifically, CoPILOT creates cohorts of Purdue faculty in which participants, both individually and collaboratively, enhance their understanding and ability to:

  • develop course outcomes and learning objectives;
  • design assessments and activities aligned to outcomes and objectives, appropriate for online delivery;
  • determine and design course content that incorporates research-based practices for online teaching into course design;
  • familiarize themselves with Purdue University Online functional areas; and
  • identify and determine best practices for online courses delivery.


(Purdue) PETE
Plan, Execute, Teach, Evaluate.

Plan: Design a course in which outcomes, objectives, and course activities are aligned.

Execute: Create the course content and activities in the LMS.

Teach: Facilitate the course and provide student feedback.

Evaluate: Reflect based upon feedback to make course improvements.

Application and Selection of Instructors/Courses

Preparing to Apply


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