Scholarship of Teaching & Learning (SoTL) Fellowship

Summer 2024 – Summer 2026


The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) fellowship program will provide structure and support for Purdue West Lafayette and Purdue in Indianapolis faculty who are interested in engaging in SoTL projects. The SoTL fellowship will last two years and include a six-week virtual faculty learning community followed by a monthly virtual community of practice. At the conclusion of their fellowship, SoTL Fellows will have completed a SoTL project and submitted the results for dissemination. Purdue faculty of all ranks are encouraged to apply.

For the purposes of this fellowship, SoTL is defined as any scholarly inquiry that reflects on a topic related to teaching and learning, builds on previous research in the field, and is shared with peers. No previous experience with SoTL is required.

Program Structure

SoTL Faculty Learning Community (FLC)

SoTL Fellows will engage in a six-week FLC in Summer 2024 that will provide an opportunity for SoTL fellows to explore different types of scholarship of teaching and learning projects and design their own SoTL project based on a class they will be teaching with support and feedback from CIE staff and peer fellows.

During the FLC, participants will:

  • Explore different types of potential SoTL projects.
  • Identify an actionable research question related to a class they will be teaching during the academic year.
  • Examine previous literature related to their research question.
  • Design a SoTL project around their research question.
  • Complete an IRB proposal, if required for their project.

SoTL Community of Practice (CoP)

Following the FLC, SoTL Fellows will participate in a community of practice (CoP) which will meet monthly to provide support and feedback SoTL Fellows carry out their SoTL projects throughout the year.

During the community meetings, participants will:

  • Meet monthly to stay accountable on their SoTL projects (or meet individually with one of the facilitators if they are unavailable).
  • Meet monthly to stay accountable on their SoTL projects (or meet individually with one of the facilitators if they are unavailable).
  • Provide feedback and support to other fellows on their projects.
  • Act as mentors for later cohorts of SoTL fellows.


SoTL Fellows will receive a $2,000 stipend in two installments, which can be used to facilitate their projects (e.g. buying analysis software, open-source journals etc.). SoTL Fellows will receive their first installment following the completion of the six-week FLC and the second installment once they have submitted their project for dissemination.


Applicants for the SoTL Fellowship program should complete this online application by Friday, March 1, 2024. SoTL Fellows will be notified of their acceptance by Monday, April 1, 2024. Questions may be directed to Emily Bonem, CIE assistant director of SoTL,