Welcome toIMPACT

IMPACT is a faculty development program that supports many different models of participation and faculty from all disciplines university-wide. Launched by the Office of the Provost in 2011 and named as a component of the Purdue Moves initiatives by the Office of the President in 2013, IMPACT is a large, collaborative initiative on the Purdue West Lafayette campus. 

The IMPACT program is guided by the theoretical framework Self-Determination Theory (Deci & Ryan, 1985; Ryan & Deci, 2017), which is a motivational theory that posits the existence of three basic psychological needs, which when fulfilled, contribute to the creation of a student-centered, autonomy-supportive learning environment.

The creation of a student-centered, autonomy-supportive learning environment fosters student engagement and student competence, and increased attainment of course-specific learning outcomes, degree completion, retention, and graduation rates.

Our Mission

IMPACT supports instructors in enhancing their pedagogical practices in order to create autonomy-supportive and inclusive learning environments to foster student success.   

Specifically, the IMPACT program aims to support faculty’s ability to:

  • Implement pedagogical practices that are student-centered, autonomy-supportive, and engaging
  • Create learning environments that are equitable and inclusive
  • Adopt a scholarly approach to instruction and contribute to a community of practice

Versions of the Program

There are three versions of IMPACT in which instructors can participate: 

IMPACT Semester

The full, 13-week, “signature program” where instructors work in groups of 3-4 instructors and 2-3 support team members from the Center for Instructional Excellence, Libraries, and Purdue Online. Participants apply with a course they are teaching and choose their own unique redesign goal to work toward throughout the semester. The end deliverable is a Course Design Plan that shows instructors’ plans for their course learning outcomes, objectives, assessments, and activities. This option is open to instructors of record who are faculty or staff at Purdue WL and comes with a $10,000 incentive to support their teaching.


An on-demand, hybrid option that can be tailored to specific initiatives. This 4-week program offers core IMPACT content via Brightspace and involves synchronous sessions where instructors discuss and engage in activities related to that week’s topic as a cohort. Departments or groups of instructors can request this offering by emailing impact@purdue.edu.


A fully remote experience with one week of facilitated daily drop-in discussions and written feedback. Instructors cover the key components of IMPACT, distilled down into five core Brightspace modules. This is a great option for those who want an introduction to IMPACT, those who want a refresher after having done another IMPACT program, or those wanting an outside review of their course before teaching. This option is open to any instructor of record at Purdue WL and comes with a $1,000 incentive to support their teaching.

Where to Find Us

Young (Ernest C.) Hall 155 S Grant St, West Lafayette, IN 47907 4th Floor