Online Non-Credit Program Launch Process



1 Exploratory

Month 1

2 Internal Approval

Months 1-2

3 Execution & Implementation

Months 2-5

4 Launch & Continuous Support

Months 3-5

3. Execution & Implementation (Months 2-5)
(All times are approximate. This timeline represents the best-case scenario.)

Week 6-13

Course Development

Steps: Initial Planning (1-2 Weeks)Course Planning/Design (5 Weeks)Course Development (6 Weeks)Course Finalization (1 Week)Course Review & Revisions (2 Weeks)Maintenance Mode (Ongoing) Initial Planning (1-2 Weeks) Develop and agree upon communication plan and project timelineReview online course development processRoles and responsibilitiesInitial discussion of: current iteration of course design evaluation, learning outcomes,…

Week 6-13
Week 6-17+


Steps: Department will decide if they will use a 3rd party vendor for their marketing initiatives.A marketing strategy will be created considering the target audience.The marketing team will make a decision on what marketing channels will they use.The Marketing team will develop and execute a marketing plan with the approval…

Week 6-17+
Week 10-17+

Student Registration

Steps: Faculty or department will provide Purdue Online with registration criteria they would like to be collected at the time of registration, as well as dates and times and marketing materials.Purdue Online or the 3rd party vendor will maintain registration portal. Questions to Consider: Registration Who will register students in…

Week 10-17+
Week 10-17+

Student Support

Steps: Purdue Online or the 3rd Party Vendor will provide support to students who have questions about registration.Automated academic support will be offered. (e.g. reminders to complete activities, etc.)Technology support is offered via ITaP customer service. Questions to Consider: How will you identify at-risk students and intervene to keep them…

Week 10-17+