Participation Policies

Academic Integrity

While studying overseas, Purdue students must respect and abide by the academic and disciplinary regulations of both Purdue University and the host university or program provider. Any acts of academic misconduct (cheating, fabrication, plagiarism, interference, violation of course rules, fabricating academic dishonesty) will be adjudicated by the academic officials at the overseas site and will be reported to the Purdue University Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities.  


Purdue students studying overseas are subject to the laws of the host country and to the rules and regulations of the host university or program. While overseas, Purdue students must comply with all applicable Purdue University rules and regulations.

If a Purdue student engages in misconduct, they will be subject to disciplinary action by the host university or program. The Purdue University Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities will also initiate disciplinary procedures when feasible.

Full-time Status

Students are expected to stay for the duration of the program and are prohibited from requesting early exams or other similar special accommodations. Students are required to maintain the equivalent of Purdue full-time status while studying overseas. Semester students must complete at least the equivalent of 12 credit hours, and summer students must complete the equivalent of at least six credit hours. 

There are many summer programs that are an exception to the policy of six credit hours, including many departmental programs. However to be eligible for summer financial aid, students need to be registered for a minimum of six credits hours total during the summer term. Please refer to the program’s webpage for specifics.

Remote Coursework While Abroad

Students studying abroad for a full semester must take in-person classes while abroad. However, if a necessary class for the plan of study is not offered in-person, but is available remotely, students may take one fully online/remote course (worth no more than 3-4 credits) via Purdue or the host while studying abroad. In addition, if the one remote course is only available through Purdue, and not through the host program or university, students must still meet the minimum on-site enrollment requirements of the host university, program, and/or country.

Students studying abroad during the summer or winter terms cannot take online classes that overlap with their study abroad program dates.


Family members, friends, or other visitors are not permitted to accompany a Purdue student during the course of a study abroad program without specific permission of the host university or program provider. Students may elect to host visitors during their free time while participating in a study abroad program, but guests cannot participate in any way in the program activities.

Family members are not welcome to participate in orientation activities at the start of a study abroad program. Parents are discouraged from traveling with a Purdue student to an overseas study site. Their presence actually hinders the adjustment of the Purdue student to the study site environment.

Most residence halls of host universities or program providers have strict regulations prohibiting overnight guests in student rooms. Purdue students cannot plan to allow family members or friends to stay in their assigned rooms during participation in a study abroad program.

Graduated Students and Study Abroad

Students who have graduated from Purdue may study abroad the term immediately following their graduation.  Students will need to complete a re-entry application to be enrolled at Purdue during the term they are studying abroad and required to complete all coursework for the program. All credits and grades earned abroad will be reflected on the student’s transcript as post-baccalaureate. Note that graduated students who study abroad may not be eligible for financial aid and should check with the Division of Financial Aid. However, graduated students are still eligible to apply for the Purdue Moves Scholarship. 

Insurance, Medical

Purdue University requires all Purdue students to purchase emergency medical coverage for the inclusive dates of the study abroad program. This insurance will be ordered for each student by the study abroad office staff and the charges will be added to bursar bill for the term overseas. There is absolutely no possibility of waiving this requirement.

International Students and Study Abroad

Purdue students who are not U.S. citizens may study abroad in any location except their home country. International students need to anticipate visa and/or passport complications that may not be a problem for U.S. citizens. There may be a few co-sponsored study abroad programs that cannot accommodate international students. International students must consult a study abroad advisor to determine if they are eligible for a desired program.

Notice, Academic

Students on academic notice are not eligible to apply for study abroad. After being accepted for study abroad, students must maintain good academic standing. The Office of Programs for Study Abroad reserves the right to revoke study abroad approval if a student is placed on academic notice after being approved but before the start of the study abroad program. Students in this situation will be responsible for any non-refundable or non-recoverable fees owed to the study abroad program.

Probation, Disciplinary

The Office of Programs for Study Abroad reviews the disciplinary records of all study abroad applicants. Students with problematic disciplinary histories might not be approved to study overseas.

Students placed on disciplinary probation or probated suspension after being approved to study abroad will have the approval revoked. Students in this situation will be responsible for any non-refundable or non-recoverable fees owed to the study abroad program. 

Students on disciplinary probation/suspension who want to apply for a study abroad program that will take place after their probation ends can do so.  However, they are to be advised that their applications will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis in consultation with the Purdue Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities. If the application is approved, the host institution or program provider will be notified of the student’s disciplinary status. In some cases, additional restrictions may be placed on the student’s participation in the program, at the discretion of the host institution, program provider or Purdue University.


Any payments made to Purdue University for participation in study abroad programs will not be refunded under any circumstances.


Travel abroad involves some risks and uncertainties not present at Purdue University, including risks of injuries, damages or other harm that may arise during the overseas study period. Purdue students must accept these risks and uncertainties as well as accept responsibility for their own safety. Purdue University cannot guarantee students’ safety while living abroad.  

Study Abroad During Final Term at Purdue

Students who choose to study abroad during their final term at Purdue need to ensure they are aware of the Requirements for Degree.  Please note that degrees must be conferred no later than 30 days past the end of term. Please particularly note the following:

  • Must be on candidate roster for term abroad.
  • All degree requirements must be met within 30 calendar days following the end of Purdue West Lafayette session.
  • Retro award approval may be obtained prior to your study abroad experience from the Associate Dean or designee of your academic unit via the Course Equivalency Form.
  • Students who have not met the degree requirements by the university timeline or obtained retro award approval will be disqualified from obtaining the degree in the intended term. This will delay the conferring of the degree until the end of the next session in which the student is duly registered and all degree requirements have been completed.

Withdrawal, voluntary

Purdue students who choose to withdraw from a study abroad program must be aware that Purdue University will not assume any financial responsibility for such a voluntary withdrawal. Furthermore, Purdue students must pay careful attention to the cancellation/withdrawal policies of the host university or program provider.

Programs for Study Abroad will notify the Purdue University Division of Financial Aid of your withdrawal. Please note that students who withdraw after a program begins should expect to repay any financial aid, including scholarships and loans, awarded for the program.

Withdrawal, involuntary

Though very rare, Purdue students may be required to withdraw from a study abroad program involuntarily. Reasons could be – but are not limited to – medical needs, political instability, natural disasters or other evacuations. The Office of Programs for Study Abroad will make every reasonable effort to advocate for refunds of unspent expenses. However, Purdue University will not assume any financial responsibility for such involuntary withdrawals.

It is expected that after a program is canceled or after it is determined that a student must withdraw from a program involuntarily, the student will depart from the program location within 24 hours. In some cases, a student may be asked to sign a document acknowledging that her/his participation in the program has concluded.

The Office of Programs for Study Abroad reserves the right to cancel any overseas program where the security of Purdue students might be threatened. This may occur even if the United States Department of State has not issued a travel warning or travel alert. Purdue University will not assume any financial responsibility for a canceled study abroad program.

If a host university or program provider terminates the participation of a Purdue student in a study abroad program, Purdue University will not assume any financial responsibility for such an involuntary withdrawal. Programs for Study Abroad will notify the Purdue University Division of Financial Aid of all program withdrawals. Please note that students who withdraw after a program begins should expect to repay any financial aid awarded for the program.

Independent Study Abroad

Students who desire to participate in an unapproved study abroad program must do so independently of Purdue University. Therefore, students may not study abroad independently with any of Purdue’s existing partners (i.e., university, third party program providers, etc.). Purdue Study Abroad will not advise or support students studying abroad independently nor sign forms or documents for unapproved programs. Furthermore, financial aid and scholarships do not apply towards independent study abroad programs.