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  1. Anyone have any good study tips for this specific exam besides practice exams? I know last time I did mostly practice exams but I am looking for alternate ways to study so I can best prepare myself.

  2. Will there be a blank exam posted on Brightspace to print out before the exam for those who don't have close access to a printer? I assume that the blank exam for exam 1 is only specific to exam 1.

    1. Under "Lecture Example Solutions" on this blog there are links to problem tutorials from each chapter. If you struggle with a particular subject, these are a really helpful way to see how to solve problems relating to that subject.

      Sorry if this is a bit late, but maybe it will help someone later down the line.

    1. Yeah, I don't remeber there being a curve on the class. I only know that they will put the most "weight" in either your midterms or final, whichever you do better

      1. Yeah, according to the syllabus whichever you do better in will be 55% of your grade. And the grading scale is a few points below the standard cutoffs.

  3. Does anyone know if the final exam will lean towards a certain area, be heavier towards end of semester material, or if it'll be evenly distributed?

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