Lecture example solutions

Below you will find videos of each of the examples included in the course lecturebook.  Please review them as you work to complete your homework and prepare for course examinations.  As always, if you have any additional questions, do not hesitate to ask!

Chapter 2:

Example 2.B.1
Example 2.B.2
Example 2.B.3
Example 2.B.4
Example 2.C.1 (Note: The values of P and F_2 given in the lecture book should be switched for this problem. The solution here is in terms of variables, not numbers, and is correct.)
Example 2.C.2
Example 2.C.3
Example 2.C.4  (Note: There are two typo errors in the video. In the first equation, the contribution of "d" to the force F_CE should be in the "k" direction, not in "i". In the last line of the last equation, the first term should be "+".)
Example 2.C.5
Example 2.C.6
Example 2.C.7
Example 2.C.8
Example 2.C.9

Chapter 3:

Example 3.D.1
Example 3.D.2
Example 3.D.3
Example 3.D.4
Example 3.D.5
Example 3.D.6
Example 3.D.7
Example 3.D.8
Example 3.D.9
Example 3.D.10
Example 3.D.11
Example 3.D.12
Example 3.D.13
Example 3.D.14
Example 3.D.15

Chapter 4:

Example 4.B.1
Example 4.B.2
Example 4.B.3
Example 4.B.4
Example 4.B.5
Example 4.B.6
Example 4.E.1
Example 4.E.2
Example 4.E.3
Example 4.E.4
Example 4.E.5
Example 4.E.6
Example 4.E.7
Example 4.E.8
Example 4.E.9
Example 4.E.10
Example 4.E.11
Example 4.E.12
Example 4.E.13
Example 4.E.14
Example 4.E.15
Example 4.E.16
Example 4.E.17
Example 4.E.18
Example 4.E.19
Example 4.E.20 - Sign error near the 9:00 minute mark in writing down the "j" component of the moment about B. The second term should be: +2dF (NOT -2dF). 
Example 4.E.21
Example 4.E.22

Chapter 5:

Example 5.A.1
Example 5.A.2
Example 5.A.3
Example 5.A.4
Example 5.A.5
Example 5.A.6
Example 5.A.7
Example 5.C.1 - method 1
Example 5.C.1 - method 2
Example 5.C.1 - method 3
Example 5.C.2
Example 5.C.3
Example 5.C.4 - Near the 4:50 minute mark, an error is made in writing down x_C4. The correct value is x_C4 = (3r + d) + d/2. This error will be corrected in a future re-recording of the video.
Example 5.C.5
Example 5.C.6
Example 5.D.1
Example 5.D.2
Example 5.D.3
Example 5.D.4
Example 5.D.5
Example 5.E.1
Example 5.E.2
Example 5.E.3 - The final answer should be T = L^2*rho*g/120 (the answer in the video solution is missing the square on L). This error will be corrected when the video is re-recorded.
Example 5.E.4
Example 5.E.5
Example 5.E.6
Example 5.E.7

Chapter 6:

Example 6.B.1
Example 6.B.2
Example 6.B.3
Example 6.B.4
Example 6.B.5
Example 6.B.6
Example 6.B.7
Example 6.B.8
Example 6.C.1
Example 6.C.2
Example 6.C.3
Example 6.C.4
Example 6.C.5
Example 6.C.6
Example 6.C.7
Example 6.D.1
Example 6.D.2
Example 6.D.3
Example 6.D.4
Example 6.D.5 (video not available at this time)
Example 6.D.6
Example 6.E.1
Example 6.E.2
Example 6.E.3
Example 6.E.4
Example 6.E.5
Example 6.E.6
Example 6.E.7

Chapter 7:

Example 7.C.1
Example 7.C.2
Example 7.C.3
Example 7.C.4
Example 7.C.5
Example 7.D.1a
Example 7.D.1b
Example 7.D.2a
Example 7.D.2b
Example 7.D.3
Example 7.E.1
Example 7.E.2
Example 7.E.3
Example 7.E.4
Example 7.E.5

Chapter 8:

Example 8.C.1
Example 8.C.2
Example 8.C.3
Example 8.C.4
Example 8.C.5
Example 8.C.6
Example 8.C.7
Example 8.C.8
Example 8.C.9
Example 8.C.10
Example 8.C.11
Example 8.C.12
Example 8.C.13
Example 8.C.14
Example 8.C.15
Example 8.C.16

Chapter 9:

Example 9.A.1
Example 9.A.2
Example 9.A.3
Example 9.A.4
Example 9.A.5
Example 9.A.6
Example 9.A.7
Example 9.A.8
Example 9.A.9
Example 9.B.1
Example 9.B.2
Example 9.B.3
Example 9.B.4
Example 9.B.5 - new problem
Example 9.B.6
Example 9.B.7
Example 9.B.8/9
Example 9.B.10
Example 9.B.11
Example 9.B.12
Example 9.B.13
Example 9.B.14
Example 9.B.15
Examples 9.B.16-9.B.20

Chapter 10:

Example 10.D.1
Example 10.D.2
Example 10.D.3
Example 10.E.1
Example 10.E.2
Example 10.E.3
Example 10.E.4
Example 10.E.5
Example 10.E.6
Example 10.E.7

Chapter 11:

Example 11.D.1
Example 11.D.2
Example 11.D.3
Example 11.D.4
Example 11.D.5
Example 11.D.6
Example 11.E.1
Example 11.E.2
Example 11.E.3
Example 11.E.4
Example 11.E.5
Example 11.E.6
Example 11.E.7
Example 11.E.8

Chapter 12:

Example 12.A.2
Example 12.A.3
Example 12.A.4
Example 12.A.5
Example 12.A.6
Example 12.A.7
Example 12.A.8
Example 12.A.9
Example 12.A.10
Example 12.A.11
Example 12.B.2
Example 12.B.3
Example 12.B.4
Example 12.B.5
Example 12.B.6
Example 12.B.7
Example 12.B.8
Example 12.B.9
Example 12.B.10