Image/Video Analytics and Recognition

VACCINE focuses on developing interactive visual and image analytic techniques that can provide realtime information for in-field personnel and investigators providing the ability to trace and analyze gang activity, hazardous materials, person of interest identification and tracking, and multimedia assessment in emergency response and disaster situations.

GARI - Gang Graffiti Automatic Recognition and Interpretation

Interactive analysis, interpretation, and geotagging of gang graffiti.

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MERGE - Mobile Emergency Response Guidebook

Automatic interpretation, response, and evacuation protocols of hazmat placards in the DOT Emergency Response Guidebook.

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Mobile Imaging, Rosetta Phone, and Light-Weight Visual Analytics for In-Field Analytics

Rosetta Phone is a handheld translational device which will enable an individual without knowledge of foreign languages to translate text in real time without a network connection.
Purdue: Boutin, Delp
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Video Surveillance Visual Analytics

This system automatically examines surveillance video for behavioral signs of threats by observing patterns of movement and other telltale signs exhibited by people.

Purdue: Delp / UNCC: Fan, Ribarsky / SFU: Fisher

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