Investigative Analysis and Anomaly Detection

VACCINE develops interactive visual tools for investigative analysis and anomaly detection including tools for large collections of documents (e.g., Jigsaw), multimedia data, open source new data, social media data, and financial data.

Social Media Analytics and Reporting Toolkit (SMART)

This technology provides analysts with scalable and interactive social media analysis and visualization through topic extraction, combination of filters, cluster examination, and stream categorization for increasing situational awareness in disaster events and accidents using social media data.

Purdue: Ebert | University of Stuttgart: Ertl

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Situation Surveillance & In-field Criminal Investigative Analytics

Develop an exploratory visual analytic mapping method to support criminal investigative analytics by processing large geographically referenced data, then searching for events of interest.

Purdue: Ebert, Boutin, Delp, Cleveland / Penn State: MacEachren, Hardisty / Virginia Tech: Barrett, Eubank, Marathe / Rutgers: Roberts

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Financial Visual Analytics

This system helps the user to analyze large collections of financial data and spot money laundering or fraudulent financing with the help of visual analytics.
UNCC: Kosara, Ribarsky / Purdue: Elmqvist

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Flight Delay Visualization (FlightVis)

This project provides a visual analytics environment enabling users to explore multivariate spatial node-link data (e.g., flight delay data) with novel visual representations (Petals and Threads) and an anomaly detection algorithm.

Purdue: Ebert / University of Oxford: Chen / Sejong University: Yun Jang

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CrimeViz - Spatiotemporal Social Media Analytics for Abnormal Event Detection

An extensible web-based map application that supports geovisual exploration of, and sense making about, criminal activity in space and time.

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Jigsaw - Intelligence Analysis

Jigsaw is a visual analytics system that helps investigators in areas such as law enforcement and intelligence understand large collections of text documents and spreadsheets.

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GeoJunction: Collaborative Visual-Computational Information Foraging and Contextualization to Support Situation Awareness

This project focuses on developing a tool which helps its users to search and contextualize place-time aware data to support situation awareness and interpret evidence and make decisions in a continually changing environment.

Penn State: MacEachren, Mitra / USC: Hovy

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