Trend Identification and Predictive Analytics

We research and develop novel interactive tools for predictive analytics for big data sources, including novel trend identification, visual correlative analytics, and predictive temporal analytic tools for crime data, health data, emergency response data, and financial data.

Social Media Analytics and Reporting Toolkit (SMART)

This technology provides analysts with scalable and interactive social media analysis and visualization through topic extraction, combination of filters, cluster examination, and stream categorization for increasing situational awareness in disaster events and accidents using social media data.

Purdue: Ebert | University of Stuttgart: Ertl

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Visual Analytics Law Enforcement Toolkit (VALET)

This project allows enhanced exploration and analysis of multivariate spatiotemporal law enforcement data to enable advanced data exploration and analysis of high volume criminal, traffic and civil incidence report data.

Purdue: Ebert, Collins

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iVALET - Mobile Visual Analytics Law Enforcement Toolkit

The mobile version of VALET provides users from law enforcement agencies to general citizens with a suite of tools that allows for the spatiotemporal exploration of multivariate criminal, traffic and civil incidents records on-the-go.

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Jigsaw - Intelligence Analysis

Jigsaw is a visual analytics system that helps investigators in areas such as law enforcement and intelligence understand large collections of text documents and spreadsheets.

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Integrate Automated Analytical Reasoning into Jigsaw

Enhance Jigsaw to provide the analyst with automated reasoning, built-in analytical capabilities and the ability to suggest hypotheses in addition to the visual analytical abilities of Jigsaw.

Georgia Tech: Stasko

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TRIP -Travel Response Investigate Profiler

This technology provides predictions of individuals’ movement through an integrated spatiotemporal visualization, exploration, and analysis of multiple individuals’ movement history.

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Multimedia Visual Analytics for Investigative Analysis

This tool intelligently categorizes multimedia content like videos, images or documents from different sources for homeland security applications and helps analysts forage through the organized data.

UNCC: Fan, Ribarsky / Purdue: Delp

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Market Analyzer - Business Intelligence

An Interactive Visual Analytics System for Analyzing Competitive Advantage Using Point of Sale Data.

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