Project Workflow

This is a overview of how projects work through the Bechtel Center using our Project Management System and Discord Server.

Starting Fall 2020: every project needs to have virtual project approval and a design consultation via Discord. An appointment needs to be made at any machine(s) for work to be done.

Join the Bechtel Center Discord

  1. Create Proposal in the Project Management System
    • Under [My Proposals] select [Create New]
    • Fill out the project proposal form
  2. Complete the relevant safety badges in the Project Management System
  3. Prepare your design by thinking about functional and stylistic goals, to be communicated (Engineering drawings/CAD designs preferred)
    • See the respective [Steps to a ___ Project] for specific design tips
  4. Join the Bechtel Innovation Design Center Discord Server with this server link
  5. Read the server rules, set your nickname
  6. Enter the [Waiting Room] voice channel
  7. Briefly explain your project and it will be approved or denied (with feedback)
  8. If your project is approved, when available, you will be sent to a consultation room for design review and any necessary modification
    • You will be added to the Bechtel Center Fusion Team for file access
    • *If no consultation slot is available, you can wait or schedule a future consultation
  9. *Once designs and manufacturing processes are verified, you can use the project management system to schedule time on any machine(s) you will be using.
    • Teams can only reserve one machine at a time. Anyone operating a machine is required to be familiar with what operations are taking place, (no handing off for others to babysit your program)
  10.  *Arrive 15 minutes before your time on the machine then get to work and make sure to have proper PPE (long pants, closed toed shoes, safety glasses) with you

*Subject to change