80/20 Aluminum T-Slot Structural Framing

The Center is actively seeking a sponsor to make this resource widely available.


As 80/20 T-slot structural framing is a product the Center purchases through gifts or other resources it requires stewardship to maximize the impact of the purchases. This workflow implements appropriate stewardship:

  • Fairly offer the opportunity
  • Ensure existing employees are made aware of the opportunity and its costs
  • Steward the use of T-slot framing to maximize its impact via design reviews to:
    • Suggest convenient or low-cost alternatives
    • Teach and ensure best-practice design that maximizes its impact
    • Minimize the costs to support the project

80-20 Stock


The Center has the following profiles in stock, with a possible maximum length of 140″

  • 1″ × 1″
  • 1″ × 2″
  • 1.5″ × 1.5″
  • 1.5″ × 3″
  • 2″ × 2″
Hardware / Fasteners

Due to the wide variety of hardware and fasteners the Center is unable to stock these, ensure you order appropriate fasteners.

Staff Contact for Review

Please contact Center Operations Manager Dan Bollock to schedule a review of your 80-20 design. For review:

  • A CAD model/design showing the 80-20 w. joints and what is being mounted
  • The 80-20 cutlist/BOM


Flow diagram showing the workflow to use 80-20