3D Printing

All cutting and engraving of metal tube or sheet material is accomplished with the Printing and Prototyping lab’s Fablight FL4500 Tube and Sheet.

FL4500 Tube and Sheet Specifications

Sheet Cut Area: 50” x 25”

Tube Cut Diameter: 0.5” to 2”

Tube Max Length: 80”

Max Height of Workpiece: 1/4” or thinner (Depending on material and settings)

Max Processing Speed: 50”/sec

Laser Power: 4500 watts pulsed (Fiber), 450 watts continuous (Fiber)

Laser Kerf: 0.005-0.01” (Depending on material and settings)

Material Requirements

  • Sheets should be large enough to allow for a ¼” border of excess material around the anticipated job
    • Example: You want to cut out a 10” x 10” design so you bring a 10.5” x 10.5” sheet of material
  • Sheets should be 5” x 5” at a minimum due to the spacing of the grid
  • Consult with a Peer Mentor for special cases