Space Guidelines and Resources

Space Guidelines

A Programming Matrix for space guidelines is available and provides guidance about campus spaces, including office space and collaboration space. As buildings and spaces are considered for construction or renovation, the matrix serves as starting point for discussion.

To assist in understanding the space guidelines, a comparison of the guidelines from 2019 to the 2022 guidelines is now available. This chart provides a side-by-side view of the old and new guidelines to identify where changes have been made.

Space Audit Process, Timeline and Training Opportunities

In an effort to streamline and speed up campus building space audits, Space Administration is implementing some changes to the data collection process.

Beginning July 1, 2024, building walkthroughs will not be needed for the audit review process. Building deputies and facility mangers will be sent a spreadsheet to provide space data on their own. This data includes room names, occupants and space types. The data will then automatically be entered into FM:S, the university’s space management software. If additional information is needed, then Space Administration will reach out to schedule a building walkthrough.

Building deputies and facility managers are expected to fill out and submit the spreadsheet within two weeks of receiving the spreadsheet. The audit will most likely need to be conducted once a year or once every other year as audits will be staggered.

Instructions for the space review process are available here.


Training for the space audit process is available on the Training Opportunities webpage through the Mass Upload Process Training. This training demonstrates how to verify the space in buildings is accurately captured. This includes the timeline for each building to be reviewed, process documentation to support the review, and spreadsheet formats used to record the information.




Purdue Memorial Union Club

July 1-12, 2024

Armstrong Hall

July 29-August 9, 2024

Stewart Center

August 26-September 20, 2024

Young Hall

October 7-18, 2024

Hull All-American Marching Band

November 4-8, 2024

Turf Recreation Exercise Center

November 4-8, 2024

Maurice G. Knoy Hall of Technology

November 25-December 6, 2024

Delon and Elizabeth Hampton Hall of Civil Engineering

January 6-24, 2025

Forney Hall of Chemical Engineering

February 10-21, 2025

Physics Building

March 10-28, 2025

Max W & Maileen Brown Family Hall

April 14-25, 2025

Materials and Electrical Engineering

May 12-16, 2025

Mechanical Engineering Building

June 2-13, 2025

Not all campus buildings have been scheduled yet. Please check back for updates.

FM:S Training

The FM:S Space Data Management and Occupancy Planning system is used to find space, room and floor plan information or request new space on a temporary or permanent basis for office, instructional or research purposes. Training information and resources are available below to help navigate the system.


Tips and Tricks

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