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Email us at purduetravel@purdue.edu if you have travel or Concur Travel & Expense or travel policy questions.

Travel Mission Statement

The Purdue University Travel Office is committed to excellence by providing accurate and timely travel reimbursements, training support and outstanding customer service through dedicated teamwork.

Spirit of Purdue University Travel Guidelines

All University travel guidelines are expected to be followed when traveling on official University business. All University travelers seeking reimbursement should incur the lowest reasonable travel expense and should exercise care to avoid impropriety or the appearance of impropriety, including the public perception that a business trip has been taken for personal reasons. If a circumstance arises that is not specifically covered, either the most conservative course within the "spirit" of the travel regulations shall be adopted or consultation for guidance with the Central Travel Office should be pursued.

Transportation Security Administration 'Secure Flight' Program

How the ' Secure Flight' program affects Purdue travelers.

International Travel Field Guide

Information from Risk Management on effectively evaluating risks and being prepared to properly mitigate the risks when traveling on Purdue business.  The International Travel Field Guide addresses several areas that should be given consideration in relation to any international opportunity and assosciated travel.

What International Travelers Need to Know About Export Laws

Export control laws may require international travelers to obtain a license or document a license exception under the Export Administration Regulations (EAR) prior to taking equipment, electronics or technical data that are controlled overseas. Answers to questions may be found on the Office of Research and Partnerships website underthe 'Export Control Travel Matrix' page.  Travelers may also contact exportcontrols@purdue.edu with any questions prior to international travel.

Travel Warnings

See U.S. State Department for latest travel warnings. Passport and visa information can also be found at this site. Travel authorization for employees (including graduate staff) resides with unit leadership.  For other travel by students on Purdue activities, see instructions from International Programs.

A new travel regulation requires any electronic device larger than a cellphone, including laptops, tablets, e-readers, cameras and portable DVD players; be placed in checked baggage when flying from one of the 10 following airports into the United States:

  • Queen Alia International Airport
  • Cairo International Airport
  • Ataturk International Airport
  • King Abdul-Aziz International Airport
  • King Khalid International Airport
  • Kuwait International Airport
  • Mohammed V Airport
  • Hamad International Airport
  • Dubai International Airport
  • Abu Dhabi International Airport

The travel regulation does not affect travelers leaving the United states only those flights coming into the United States from the above 10 airports. 

For additional assistance, please contact the Purdue Travel Team.  

How do I Log Into Concur Travel & Expense?

Log into Concur Travel & Expense by clicking on 'Travel System (Concur)' on the Purdue Employee Portal page.

Anthony Travel

When airfare, hotel or car are booked in Concur Travel & Expense, Anthony Travel is the travel agency that fulfills the ticketing and reservations.