Future of Work Project

In order to support the number of employees working remotely, Purdue University had to reimagine how to support this new workforce. The university initiated the Future of Work Project and created the Future of Work Project Team. The team spent several months engaging faculty, staff and students to help develop new strategies to reinvent work experiences, meet expectations and advance a new work process.

Purdue partnered with JLL to initiate the reinvention process. JLL is considered a leader in providing innovative approaches to workplace strategy and design. Purdue and JLL have been working together to create a workplace that enhances the value of coming into the office and provide a more relevant work experience for those working in a remote or hybrid position. Below is some additional information about the work spaces at Purdue University.

Employee Work Styles

There is no “one size fits all” solution to support work habits for employees working on campus and remotely. Different jobs will vary in their needs for space, mobility, interaction and technology. Most work can be categorized into one of four major work styles:

  1. Campus First (Completely On-Site): In the office five days a week, assigned workstation
  2. Campus Friendly (Mostly On-Site): In the office three days a week, assigned workstation
  3. Remote Friendly (Mostly Remote): In the office one to two days a week, unassigned workstation
  4. Remote First (Completely Remote): In the office one to two days a month, unassigned workstation

Office Space Guidelines

As work at Purdue has transitioned to a more remote environment incorporating hybrid schedules, the use of office space has evolved. The following document by JLL includes detailed information about recently updated space guidelines for office space, workstations and collaboration space:

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