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Purdue's Real Estate Office provides the University with services for the purchase, lease, sale or management of property, in addition to maintaining a real estate inventory. Occupancy planning and brokerage services for leasing and purchasing are provided in partnership with third-party entity Jones Lang LaSalle. Occupancy planning initiatives include the acquisition of space inventory responsibilities, strategic administration of the University's space assets and managing departmental requests for a temporary or permanent office, research or instructional space.

Campus customers who request departmental space will work closely with staff in several areas of Administrative Operations including Auxiliary Services and Physical Facilities to identify viable options.


The real estate office staff works closely with physical facilities, other auxiliary services, and the treasurer’s office to meet customers’ needs quickly and efficiently. Additionally, Jones Lang LaSalle provides the university with leasing and purchasing brokerage services.

Purdue partnered with JLL in summer 2018 to provide Occupancy Planning services which include the roll-out of a new space inventory tool FM Systems in January 2019 and strategic administration of the University's space assets.


Once a lease request is approved by the Occupancy Planning team, the real estate office will connect customers to JLL Real Estate Team. Customers will work directly with brokerage services staff from JLL to summarize space requirements, complete market surveys, tour potential sites, request proposals from potential sites, and determine the best possible sites for Purdue University.

Real Estate

Nathan Manges, Assistant Director, Real Estate and Occupancy Planning  
(765) 496-3724

Brian Gilbert, Real Estate Administrator
(765) 496-7773

Occupancy Planning

Request should be sent to: occupancyplanning@purdue.edu

Gina Wollin, Occupancy Planning Manager

Wil Degen-Stout, Occupancy Planning Manager