Thank My Advisor

This form is an opportunity for you to give a positive “shout out” to your academic advisor for a time you feel they significantly improved your experience at Purdue. We know that advisors always want the best for their students, and sometimes that means going above-and-beyond the “call-of-duty”. Here is your chance to recognize them for the time they helped you in a way that positively impacted your time at Purdue.

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Carol Randel In the advising session I have to set aside my problem-solving skills and bring out my facilitator robe. It is my responsibility to dig into the potential of the student and facilitate connecting the dots. Piaget teaches us that learning occurs when we are shaken from our bubble of accommodation and we are forced to find new connections. Advising involves shaking the bubble of complacency and offering new options for a career path.

-Beatriz Cisneros